Monday, November 3, 2008

It's about time.

Hello my blogging buddies. Really I've missed you all ~ it's been nice to have a bit of a hiatus, but the time has come to buckle down and update ya'll, mostly because this sweet baby may decide to come any time. Knowing my history, sooner rather than later is probably what will happen. She will for sure be here by Dec. 15th (via c-section), but I'm thinking Thanksgiving sounds like a good goal. I've been down (contractions, diabetes, etc....) and it looks like it around my house. Quin's been super busy (Reno, Dillon, Wyoming) traveling and fixing really big equipment. He's so smart and then he likes to share what he did and why. I try to act really impressed, but mostly it goes over my head. Aunt Rachael took some AWESOME pics of the boys a few weeks ago, have to share.

Wyatt LOVES school, he can tell us what the speed limit is and makes sure that we are following it. Annoying, but kinda funny. He also likes to spell and sound out EVERY flipping sign that he sees. He is too funny. So the other day he tells me "Mom there are so many Rocco's around" (FYI Hyrum's nickname is Rocco) he says "there's Rocco Tuckett and Rocco Bama". That cracked me up!!! And my wild man Cooper had a cast on his arm for the last 6 weeks, we just got it off Halloween night. It was green (John Deere). He tried to lean over the side of his top bunk and grab something on the floor. Pretty bright that one. A few weeks ago he decided to start jumping off his top bunk over the railing, across the room onto Wyatt's single bed (yes it is as dangerous as it sounds) I was over laying on the couch having serious contractions when I heard an AWFUL thump. Coop comes limping out and I asked him if he jumped off the bed again. He said "What the heck mama, I think I bout broke my leg" . When I lifted up his pant leg I saw that it was all scraped and bruised already. He so lucked out on that one. Our little Hyrum has gotten such an attitude the last little bit, you can't ever get him to quit talking. He has an opinion about everything and even tries bossing around Wyatt. Halloween was so fun, we went to see some family (ben and rach included) and Rach came through again with some sweet pics. Wyatt was a vampire, Cooper was a Tiger, Hyrum was a Lion, and Uncle Ben was just scary :) The last picture is of Darling Weston and his hot mama Autumn. Sam is one lucky boy!! What I wouldn't have to get them to move closer. Anyone know of any houses for sale around and include an indoor riding arena? :) I'm getting more excited everyday to meet this little baby!!!!! Pray that everything goes well and hopefully we'll meet her soon!! Love you all!