Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Cooper's Birthday!!

So my little farmer-boy is turning 4 next week!! I can not believe that. We are having a rocking John Deere birthday. Regardless of what he wants though, I put my foot down at actually having it in the tractor. :) Should be tons of fun. Cooper is such a happy little camper! If only I could figure out some way to punish him! Nothing seems to work. Any ideas??

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Wedding ... :)

So Shane and Shay's wedding & reception was a big hit. I was so nervous ... I wanted it to be perfect, I think that it actually almost was! The sealing was so beautiful. Dwayne Lee sealed them in the Rexburg Temple, he did such a great job. Go to this site to see some of the fabulous pictures ~ she did such a great job & I can't wait to see more of the pics. I love Shay sooo much! We were best buds in high school and then, well life happened :) and somehow we didn't see each other as much as we could've. I am so glad that she found someone as awesome as Shane! They are so amazing together. LIVE LONG AND PROSPER SHANE AND SHAY!!! Love you guys tons!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Flashback Friday (on Monday) :)

Yes, I'm slacking off ... I just had a wild Friday (Shay & Shane wedding) had to decorate and make it beautiful (which it was!!!) and then went off to the cabin with my while fam-damily this weekend. WAY FUN!!! But more on that later, we have a flashback to get to.

There you go ~ I thought since it was just Valentine's Day that I should flashback to a picture of me and my sweetheart!! Quin is such a great guy! A workaholic sometimes, but he is so dang smart. He loves to fix everything and loves farming. I love being outside with him and hanging out watching Friends (I've got him hooked now). Our boys are so lucky to have such a great example for a dad!! Love you babe!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day All!!

Here's the Valentine I made this year --- I modified it for Wyatt's class, just used a picture of him and changed the words. Yes, I was pretty proud of self! :)
Hope your V-Day is full of fun & love!! loves, Annie

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Prayers for Emily

Ok, my sweet sister Emily Merlene is expecting her first baby ~ she's 31 weeks along and measuring at 36 I think. They put her on bedrest a few weeks ago for INSANELY high blood pressure. They are worried about her toximia -- that baby girl just needs a few more weeks of cookin' :) So please remember Em in your prayers! (And don't forget her sweet husband, Adam)

One of Emily's stellar Sr. photos --

Friday, February 8, 2008


Lucky people! I'm starting a new Friday tradition ~ presenting (dum, da, da, dum) Flashback Friday!! **disclaimer: nothing is off limits and I am open to requests** So enough clowing around,

Oh, aren't I adorable (circa 1983)!! What fun. Yes, I grew up in a circus. Now I live in an even crazier one!! Here is the real stellar photo ... aren't we pretty :)

The Hobley Family around 1989 (before Sara ~ those were the days, kidding grace, kidding!).

Love to all ~ I've had enough blogging this morning. I'm off to the doctor. Peace Out Yo!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Snow day!

Today was ANOTHER blessed snow day. I love that it ticks Wyatt off to have to stay home, I'm starting to wonder what they do in kindergarten that makes it so amusing. Maybe it's just that if I make him stay him he has to take the garbage out and share his rc 4-wheeler with his brothers. I just love snow days ~ even though I'm not in school it really just floats my boat to know that the kids are out. For most of the day it looked like this

Just imagine more drifts and less blue sky.
Yuck -- that canceled my house painting plans in Mud Lake, I was NOT wanting to get stuck out there. No offense Mud-People, I just really like my bed.
When it finally cleared up some (about 3:30) the boys and I went outside. This is what I wanted to be doing -- instead I used my dad's little honda to pull Wyatt around in the sled, still entertaining, he loves to jump drifts. Coop & Hy kept on saying "faster mama".
Then we came inside. I wish that we had this ... I love fireplaces. Someday my friends, someday.
At least we really did have this. I heart chocolate mint truffle. If you love me you'll buy me some. That's what I told self last night at Wal-Mart. "Self" I said, "If you love me you'll be me this coca". Turns out I love myself pretty much. I bought the big can. Oh well, it looks like we'll need all the hot coca we can get around here. I think there's a trampoline somewhere out in my yard, there's just to much snow to see it now.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


So I'm throwing a bridal shower for my good buddy Shay Holdaway (she's marrying Shane Willams next Fri.). I need some great ideas for shower games. I've thrown about 10 showers in the last 14 months ~ I need some new ideas! Leave a comment with your great ideas...thanks a ton :)

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Rach & Ben's Wedding

Ok, so 2007 was the Year of the Weddings for the Hobley family. I finally figured out how to get some pics from 1 of the weddings, Emily's is on an earlier post and I'm put some of Sam & Autumn's on later. Now for your viewing pleasure, my brother and sister ~

Ben & Rachael Hobley

Tuesdays Thoughts...

It's been busy around here! I've been painting like a wild woman, trying to get our new little house ready to live in. Can I just tell you how entertaing it is to try and paint with 3 children. Quite the challenge. So now I've decided to finish when I can find someone to watch the rascals. I think I'll love being out there again. At least I hope I will. I've been making lists of all the perks. There are actually quite a few :).

I'll try to make things a little more interesting be telling you the top ten most interesting facts about me :)

*1. When I was younger (like 10 or so) whenever I cooked something I used to pretend that I was actually on a cooking show. I had a funny voice & everything. I loved to put the ingredients in without measuring. I'd say crazy things like "just a pinch of that" or "just until you see the mixture start to thicken up".

*2. I love smelly things ~ good smelly things mind you. I already plugged in vanilla in the new house. I love to put on perfume. I even put it on when I go to sleep at night just so I can smell it on my wrists.

*3. I wish that I could speak Spanish. Random, but I just think it would be cool. Then I would talk to my dad and no one else would understand.

*4. My mom is one of my best friends. I could live without talking to a lot of people, but she is not one of them. She cracks me up, I love that she is such a good person. I love making her laugh.

*5. I want to write a book someday. I actually have a couple that I've started ... someday I guess.

*6. I love to shoot my 22 ~ I never knew that I'd enjoying shooting a gun, but for some reason it really does it for me.

*7. My dad used to make up hilarious songs for us when we were little "hey little baby is your daddy home" and now I do the same crazy thing for my kids. My dad is so funny!!

*8. I'm addicted to family history. My dream house would have a whole room just for me to organize and take care of our family stories. I love that I knew my great-grandparents so well, what a blessing.

*9. I'd like to be that girls camp leader someday. I had so much fun at girls camp when I was younger. I lived in a few different wards and loved doing different things.

*10. I love my brothers and sisters. I think that I may have the greatest siblings around. And lucky for me they've married some awesome people. I love growing up and seeing them do so well. My baby Sara is 16 now. I remember her coming home for the hospital and I fell in love. Emily is the sweetest, my kind person I know. Samuel is a good boy ~ he is so successful and he's someone that had a dream and actually got it to come true! Benjamin is such a hard worker, he can do anything that he wants to. How lucky am I to have such great people so close to me!

THE END!!!!!!