Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hoagie's Birthday Baby!!

the last few weeks have been crazy busy.
mostly crazy ... mingled with a fair amount of busy.
i've been single-parenting while quin continues working +80 hours a WeEk!!
YUCK!! I think it would be easier if he was just gone all of the time and we didn't try to plan things around whether he thought he'd be home or not.
just sayin' ...
today is my best friend hoagie's birthday.
we've been friends at least for 15 years. hamer came to jr. high in terreton and she was rockin'. love her tons!! at our 10 year reunion is cracks me up that the only picture i got with someone was with my buddy that i talk to almost daily anyway. oh well. happy last year in your 20's babe!! :)
by the way I would only put a picture of myself up here for mindy.

i've been taking family pics for a few different people -- it is that time o'year when you realize that you better get outside pictures done before it gets to cold and nasty (like it is today) i'll post a few after i get them loaded and edited a bit. you know, in my spare time *hahahahahaha*

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

my baywatch moment.

So here is a great story that I've been meaning to share. Just so happens I got a nap in today for the first time in years I think, lol. Maggie and Hy (& mama) were worn out after preschool so we all got a little snooze!! YEAH!! I can already feel more energy oozing though my veins. That or the dr. pepper is working ;)

Anywoo -- so the week before school started I was running for mom of the year. I was thinking of all the little things that I'd been saying that we were going to do but I never seemed to have enough energy by myself or there was always something else to do (weird how that happens). But I digress. I told myself that was ok because when the kids got to school all they'd remember to talk about was the few days before anyway. Right. So the few days before school started we went to the zoo and the lake. While we were at the lake we ran into a few friends. They have a little guy that is 2 but build like a sherman tank. This kid is solid. And that's saying something cause I remember Samuel & Austin Egbert as young'ens. So we are all out playing in the sand and Dayton (the above mentioned little man) is spalshing around. All of the sudden out of the corner of my eye I saw that he had tipped over and was trying to drown. Poor Maggie was tucked under my arm like a quarterback running for the goal quicker that you could say HELP!! I saw him thrashing around and all I could see were his little eyes looking at me and him swallowing water. **Reader warning it gets a little graphic here** I left all caution in the wind and ran through the water, splashing around, things bouncing in ways they shouldn't. I totally had a Pamela Lee thing going. My blonde hair bouncing on the shoulders and my bosom bouncing off my chin. Good times, good times. Don't worry I saved the lad's life and gave the whole of rigby lake a great show. Dayton's mom was watching and after she saw that he was going to live she started laughing hysterically. A simple thank you would've sufficed.