Friday, January 29, 2010

Lately around here ... and a little decor thrown in

Very exciting around here.

Ok you got me, I lied. Quin has been gone most of the week (4 days) the last while. I think I am starting to deal with it better. I've figured out that if I just plan on him being gone than if he shows up I'm surprised and we are all so happy. Before if he ended up leaving then I was upset and sad that he wasn't going to be home. Much nicer to just be happy. I've been teaching preschool the last 2 weeks, glad my turn is over :) Working on planning the kindergarten valentine party for coop's class, you know me, always up for a party.
I got the Christmas stuff taken down this last weekend (impressive, i know). When I brought in the huge box Cooper stood it up on the end and opened it up and walked in and said "mom this looks a little like the loveshack to me". Nice, loveshack. Just what the mama wants to hear.
Miss Maggie is growing and growing! She is walking along everything, no desire to walk alone yet - but all she has to do is squawk and a brother is right there to do her bidding, tough life. :)
I've been organizing and decorating like crazy around here. I am planning on painting my front room walls red and then painting my piano (a really old, beat-up one) a pretty dark yellow color. I got inspiration here

this is a dresser/entry table that a bought at my fav shop the black sheep boutique it's darling
i love it and it looks so perfect, can't wait to get all the little stuff (and BIG stuff done and post some pics. so fun

Monday, January 25, 2010

don't even worry about it

ok i figured it out.
i know, i know, it may not seem like that big of a deal, but i've been thinking and pondering DEEPLY about what word i want as my word (and motto) of the year. and after nearly a month i know.


this year 2010, i will remember what i am, who i am, and why i am here. so many times i feel like i am rushing, planning, dreaming, and doing. i will slow down and remember that i am here for a purpose. i will remember that i am a daughter of God. i will remember that i have such a strong heritage. i will remember those that have passed before me and the sacrifices that they made. i want to learn (and remember) my great grandparents (and grandparents). i will teach my kids about them. we will sing "how great Thou art" and remember gpa kunz. i will wear my red patent leather heels and remember my sweet gma alta and her green polka dot dress. we will smell a skunk and think of gma grace (haha). my life has been so rich with memories of my grandparents, and i will remember to take my kids to see their gparents more often (we see tulips and think of pa elmer). i will remember that i can't do everything, so i will relax and enjoy what i can do. i want to remember to do the things that bring me joy -- sewing, painting, decorating, crocheting, gardening ... i will remember that my children are gifts and try to remember that everyday with them is a blessing!! i will remember the millions of reasons why i love quin. i will remember ...

(if you get lucky i may even remember to blog more often, lol)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


are you planning on saying it twenty ten or two thousand ten? mmmm, can't decide myself.
either way you say it the new year is here. it's already a week into the deal, but i'm gonna type myself some little thoughts. someone somewhere told me that they pick a word every year as a theme and then they work on goals that pertain to that specific word. i love that idea this year! the only problem is that i can't decide on just one. i have sooooo many things that i want to get done, new flooring in my house, paint kitchen cabinets, can more food, double the size of my garden, learn to pole dance (just checking to see if you were paying attention), get chickens, figure out how to stay organized (for longer than a week), and make more cookies. check in later for what the magic word of 2010 will be! if you have any suggestions feel free to leave them! love to all --- maybe someday i'll finish getting pictures downloaded onto my computer. maybe not. :)