Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ok, ok ...

Way to go fellow bloggies ... I am mucho grateful for all comments regarding previous post.
I shall keep on keepin on :)

Because let's be honest, there is always some sort of entertainment going on around here.

Take last night for instance. Quin was outta town so I made some delish chicken fettuccine (made in my fav appliance, stella the crockpot) the boys weren't uber impressed. Don't get me wrong but they think it's a sin to not have a spud or beef incorperated into every meal. Wy wakes up @ 1 am and asks for some food. "I need a cracker or a sandwich" he said. I told him to go back to bed (yeah I'm not to sensitive in the middle of the night). He said "If I don't eat any beef for dinner I get hungry during the night". Nice arguemnt. Go to bed anyway kid. We are not raising vegetarians here, that's for dang sure. I remember a egbert family party when coop was 3 when we were standing in line in front of my sweet aunt kathy. Coop proceeded to ask his dad if it was dead mama pig. I think she about passed out, just saying.