Friday, November 6, 2009

seriously so blessed

i have so many things to be thankful for. (although messes are not one of them)
this month i am trying to think about peaceful things.
trying to remember the little things.
i am going to be posting the things that i am thankful for (ok just a fraction of them really).

today i am thankful for a house.
the wind is howling and the munchkins and i are safe and warm.
lucky us!
even when they mess up the rooms i spend time cleaning and organizing, at least they have something to dirty up!

somehow the month of october is over. how the world did that happen?
we've been decorating, shopping (ok, thats what i've been doing), and the big 2 started wrestling. it feels weird to have them wrestling for ririe. in fact we went to a meet last week in sugar city and the boys walked in wearing their bulldog colors and and we saw that west jeff had their jr. high wrestlers there. i asked quin if we should make them keep their coats on, lol. coach sawick was there and as we shook hands and i realized that i had kids old enough to wrestle i felt old. old and even a little mature (and that doesn't actually happen that often). so odd.
we finished harvesting the garden. pulled up the corn and sunflowers and feed them to shorty tuckett (lucky little pony). i've started drawing plans for next years garden (even bigger and better) i LOVE LOVE LOVE my new tiller and lawnmower ... am a little sad that i don't get to mow my lawn for the next MONTHSSSSS. oh well, at least i have a lawn (see me being thankful). love to all ... (only halloween costume pics i got ... the 2nd pic was when i was trying to get everyone on the porch for pics and a stray steer ran across the road, wyatt ran inside to grab his rope and coop ran to go bulldog it, i love that maggie still looks happy and hyrum looks worried!)