Friday, May 22, 2009

Brianna's Turn...

Bri and Rusty's pick-up ... lookin like she owned it, even before she did :)
(Bri & Rusty's wedding in Arizona)

I think that May is the month for family birthdays!

Have to give a shout-out to my sis-in-law Bri Tuckett (Rusty's wife). Her and I have been through a lot together. Business deals, trucking, missing husbands, baling, road trips, crazy in-laws, broken noses :), projects that take AT LEAST 2 times as long as the boys say they will ... and much, much more!! It's fun to have your husband's best friend be someone that you like to hang out with. Quin's best friend really is his little (but bigger) brother Rusty. They can talk and talk everytime they get together. They never run out of things to say. Their mom said that when they were little they would even talk to each other in their sleep. And that is saying a lot since neither one of them is very social with other people. I guess they just understand each other. So I'm SOOOO glad that Rusty married someone that I can talk to and do things with since everytime that we get together the boys go into their own little world :) She's a 5th grade teacher in Mud Lake and we've missed having them move out there. My boys love her (although maybe not as much as they love Uncle). I know that she'll be an amazing mom someday soon -- she is so cute with Maggie! So Bri -- thanks for all the talks and your friendship, hope your birthday is FANTASTIC!!! Hope Rusty gets you almost all the flowers that you want (but not all so that we can go shopping for some more!!!) Love ya!!!(Our last road-trip to Twin Falls)One of our 4-wheeler trips ... those were the days :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Gittin' Jiggy Wit It

Ever notice how so many song titles would make excellent blog titles. Well they would, so my posts for the rest of the month will all be song titles.

We've been busy people here at the Tuckett Spread.We've been working like crazy on the house now that it's FINALLY spring :) We planted the garden. (Purple and red potatoes, peas, carrots, corn, sunflowers, and pumpkins) Adopted 2 more kitties -- (piglet & ruby, they are darling!!)

I painted the front door red & then put chocolate brown vinyl letters on that say welcome. (Am I as cool as you yet Emily? ok, I know I'm not even close)
Then Quin replaced the trim on the house that blew off in the breezes that we've had lately. Then he painted it white (I love having him home for a few hours, he's so handy!)The pink primer made me a wee bit nervous!

Planted some flowers and had Quin build a stand on one of my old doors and then I hung flower baskets on it and planted those. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! I love flowers!
We've been enjoying the weather and all that brings -- tulips, friends, sunshine, brotherly love, and cousinly love :)

Maggie's first little piggy! Paiz and Maggie have matching bracelets (thanks aunt em). They are the cutest little cousins!! Paisley is calling Maggie "Sis or Sissy".

Wyatt had track & field day, this is him and his buddy from school Jett.

On the way to school that morning Coop was singing a song out loud and Wyatt said "Coop BE QUIET! I have to concentrate, we are having a really big tug of war and I've got to be tough". Pretty funny.
Miss Maggie Marie turned 5 MONTHS OLD!!! HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE!! She is growing more everyday and is so much fun ~ what a happy, smiley baby!! She loves her daddy and her brothers and wants to roll over SOOO bad :)

Hope your Weekend is as FABULOUS as ours is going to be ... tell you about it next week! Love you all!

Steven A. had a birthday!!

Yesterday was my padre's birthday. The older I get the more I love and appreciate him.

I love him not only for his cool cheesehead hat from Wisconsin :0) I love him for a lot of other little reasons. Here are the top ten reasons why I love my dad.

10. He adores my kids and they LOVE him!! Pa Steve rocks! I've always known that my dad was a baby man (meaning he loves little babies) but it's been so awesome to see him with his own grandkids. My kids all think he's fantastic!! They love when he comes over and they love to go see him at his "sugar house".

9. He's one of the hardest workers I know.

8. He would do anything I asked him.

7. Whenever he comes over he looks around and finds something that needs to be fixed and then does it for me.

6. He makes up and sings the funniest songs. I remember him doing that even when I was little.

5. I never hear him talk bad about people.

4. He is the best bargain shopper around.

3. He always made sure that we had everything that we needed growing up, even if he did without and had to work 3 jobs to do it. The amazing thing is that I never heard him complain.

2. He loves my mom -- he never let us backtalk her. We always had to show her respect, no question asked.

1. and the top reason that I love my dad, is that he would give any of us kids anything that he has.

May dad has had to fight his own personal battles, really who hasn't. He hasn't given up and has taught me that I should keep trying. When I was really struggling a few years ago dad told me to listen to the words of Rascal Flatts song "Stand" If you haven't heard it go and listen right now here. These are the words to the chorus... "Cause when push comes to shove, You taste what you're made of, You might bend, till you break, Cause its all you can take, On your knees you look up, Decide you've had enough, You get mad you get strong, Wipe your hands shake it off Then you Stand."

This song still reminds me of my dad. What a tough guy with a big heart. I am so proud to be his daughter and so happy that my kids have him as a grandpa!! Someday I'll have to tell him that he's my hero.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Rachy-Poo!!

Today is my sis-in-law's bday.
Happy Brithday Rach! We are soooo lucky to have you in our family! I never imagined that I could love Ben's wife as much as I do. I love that you are so different from us .... in a good way, in fact you are cooler than us, well me anyway :) --- you make me laugh and I love to try to trick you. I ADORE you for loving my brother. He is one of the greatest (though maybe orneriest) guys that I know. Whoever he married was going to have to be fantastic ... you are more than I expected. You are patient and kind and funny and cute as heck and smart and creatively talented. My boys (especially Hyrum) adore you and they always want to go see you. Thanks for being so good and patient with them! (As I'm typing this Rach called me, how random is that). I can't wait to meet that little miss hobbz in a few months, you'll be a fun mama, I hope she has your spunk and personality (and pray she doesn't have Ben's temper ... kidding, kidding). Keep it real my sista!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

my very own wizard of oz moment

I TOTALLY just had a wizard of oz moment.

So Fat Dirty (one of the boys cats) just had baby kitties in my backyard by the porch -- not the brightest, but more on them later. So being the mother that I am I went into my frontyard to find something big enough to block some wind for them. I see one of my old doors leaning up against the front of the house. I think "that will work" so I pick it up (old, solid wood door by the way) and then I start walking around the side of the house towards the back. As soon as I got around the corner that dang "Idaho Wind" pushed me over and I landed on my back with the door on top of me. Hyrum is screaming and I'm thinking that I must look like the wicked witch of the west with my feet sticking out. Let me tell you, it was something else.

That's the last time I'll do a good deed for some stupid cat.

Enjoy the weather my pretty!!! (insert evil cackle here)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Look mom, another post

Yes, yes, I am the queen of cool. I'm writing another post.

What? Blogging again today doesn't make me cool. Geez, I thought it did. My bad.

Really, I'm just awake -- Wyatt's at school and the other 3 are still sleeping. I've been feeling pretty cruddy the last few days. Just your run of the mill I can't breathe or lay down because snot runs down my throat and then I gag on it kind of stuff. So instead of sleeping like I want to be, I'm sitting upright in the office blog surfing aka blurfing :) now that's a fun word. Come on Rach, you are slacking in the blog department -- it's not like you're pregnant and working. Oh wait, yes you are :) I miss your stories though! I'm tired of this runny nose and stuffed up head crud. If I wasn't cheif baby feeder maybe I could take something more potent than a tylenol. What I wouldn't give to have the children all gone and be able to take 2 TBSP on Nyquil and just SLEEP for 12 straight hours. Ahhhh, bliss. But alas, I took tylenol an hour ago and I still feel yucky. What? Tylenol won't actually make my sinuses quit draining. Blast! I guess I'll go drink so more water and hope for the best.

Quin left last Sun. but never fear he is coming home LATE tonight --- we have to pick him up at the airport at 11:30 pm. Oh happy day! Not that I'll get to sleep anymore but there will be an actual adult that I can complain to living here in the house :) (I'm really only kinda kidding)

Ok, the princess has awakened and seems to want me. I am such a hot commodity around here.

Peace out.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Check out Sam the Man

okay so you need to go check out the blog I started for Samuel A. Hobley -- professional horse trainer extraordinare :) here is where you can find him. he's accepting clients from everywhere, he'll just train the horses at his arena in Deer Lodge until we can get him moved down here closer. anyone know someone looking to buy a cute house in Montana? have I got a deal for you :) I am so proud of Sam and so impressed by his ever-amazing wife, Autumn, she is really the brains behind the man. Behind every good cowboy is a better wife!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

"Poor crippled calf" and other stories from the Tuckett Home

Hey all!! Quin has been gone this whole week to schooling in Reno -- so I have plenty of time tonight to finally do a rocking post! Be prepared for stellar pictures, moving stories, and laughter. Tonight Miss Maggie got her first trial run with cereal. She LOVED it!! I'm not sure if I'm ready for her to be old enough to eat cereal and roll over (which she almost is) but time keeps on a-marching whether I want it to or not!Mmmmm -- good stuff!! Look at those eyes ~ she was SOOO excited for the cereal -- it cracked me up, I think she ate even better than any of the boys did at first ~ she is so sweet and mellow that when she gets anxious it is so cute!!

While it was warm for a few days a couple of weeks ago --- you know that short time when the wind didn't blow and there was no rain ... Paisley came and played and we had so much fun! Please don't ever tell Coop & Hyrum that dandelions aren't really flowers, they pick them for me and all the girls around all the time. When Paiz came they picked them for her and then I braided it into a crown ~ Hyrum said she looked like a queen. :)

I love this one of her ... and the next one is too sweet -- she gets so excited to come over, the boys adore her and she worships them!

Later that day we went to Grammy Monica's house and the boys played with Paisley --- she kept on jumping in the little car, she thought she should be driving, it cracked them up!

Maggie had enough sun that day --- I pulled weeds, planted shrubs, and worked on my flower beds ~ I'll take a picture and show you my new love tomorrow. Here's Miss Maggie pooped after a day gardening with Mama. Poor girl, looks like I overworked her ;)

Now I have to add this one of Cooper from a week and a half ago -- we woke up to go to church on Sunday and we were greeted by SNOW!! It snowed all morning and didn't let up when we got ready to go so he figured that he better wear his hat ~ I love that he has a tan little face with his winter hat on!

Em cut and colored my hair for summer --- I love it!! It's pretty blonde ~ but they do have more fun you know!! Here's a pic of me and my man Hyrum at Grammy's school waiting for her class play to start. (I better put some pics of Wyatt in my next post -- he's my main helper while his dad is away!)

Things are moving along even with Quin gone so much --- I haven't bought a pygmy goat yet, but I haven't ruled it out yet either. So here is my crippled calf story. I was driving from Rigby to Rexburg and I passed fields of baby calves out running and jumping and playing. The only thing I love more than a baby pygmy goat (and baby lambs) are baby calves enjoying the sunshine. Out in the middle of the field I see a tiny little calf--it has the LITTLEST little legs ever, like it must've been part midget or something. I felt awful, it couldn't run and play -- it was just standing there. (sniff*sniff) Just when my heart was breaking and I was worried about how well he would survive (the thought crossed my mind I should figure out who's it was and take it home and bottle feed him and take care of him) anyway.... I was so worried and then he climbed out of the ditch he was standing in. That is when I realized I may be a wee bit sleep deprived. Maybe I'll get a nap when Quin gets home! Love you all!!