Friday, June 20, 2008

Flashback Friday

So Wyatt Jay turned 6 this Tuesday -- I can't believe how quickly the time has gone! Here's a picture of him with Quin & Me when he was 1. He was such a sweet boy, he's always been such an entertainer! Happy Birthday my Wyatt boy!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mama Em & Baby Paisley

My sweet sister Emily is the cutest mommy ever, Paisley looks just like her!!! I remember Em when she was a baby, I always thought that she was my baby. I loved her SOOOO much (of course I still do). It's fun to see her with a little twin that's 19 years younger :) Love my girls so much!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Last little while in the Tuckett House

FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I found my little do-hicky that puts the pictures from my card to my camera. Hooray! So here are a few pics from the last little while. The DARLING photos I just had to share ;) We are hot and heavy with t-ball ... I'm the coach so things have been even more intense than usual. Pretty fun, but 22 4 &5 year olds can really drive you crazy! We have a game tonight so I'll just update quick. We have a new puppy from Uncle Sam named Jerry, and a new kitty named Missie. The boys also caught a frog outside and kept it alive for almost 3 weeks in a jar. Impressive I know!!

The boys and I went and took Quin lunch at the Hamer pivots while we were planting spuds, they loved it!!We went on a memorial day picnic up to Salmon -- so green and gorgeous!!Helping bottle feed a new baby calf. Wyatt thought we should check it every other minute!My man!! He is so good with the cows and the equipment. What a great guy! I love watching him work! ;)

Friday, June 6, 2008

Flashback Friday ...

Me & My Brothers.
I love my brothers. There've been good times, there have been bad times. But we've always been there for each other. Sam is probably having a new baby on Monday and Ben is working on building a beautiful new house. I'm so glad that I have brothers that look out for me -- they always make sure that I'm ok and that the boys are ok. I love that Samuel calls me all the time, we talk more than my cell minutes allow :) but we always have stuff to talk about. He's followed his dream and is cowboying --- what a huge deal! He has a sweet wife and about 25 dogs :) he's so sweet to my boys, they love talking to him on the phone. What I wouldn't give to have them live closer--Deer Lodge feels like forever away sometimes. Benjamin is hilarious!!! He has grown up into the most awesome guy! He found his "Paulynn" in Rachael. She is so patient and good to him, even when he doesn't deserve it;) He was ordained an elder a few weeks ago and I'm so so proud of him. Anyway, I just love my brothers. I hope that we are always as close as we are now. Love you Benj & Sambo!!!!