Friday, August 8, 2008


No, no I have not died. I've just moved, gotten a new nephew, found out what color baby I'm having, started insulin for diabetes, and had TONS of contractions. Phew, I'm worn out :)

So we moved back to our house in Rigby (fabulous by the way, I love it...I spent so much time on it, if I could get everything unpacked I'd be in heaven). Weston Samuel was born on June 25th ... he's so perfect!!! Darling, darling, darling. More about my upcoming babe in a sec. Here's a picture of my new favorite little man. And his gorgeous cousin ... Paisley Rae! (Can't get enough of that babe)
I don't have the internet yet, so I'll write more when I get the energy to go to mom's again.

Oh yeah ... had our ultrasound....

It's a girl. :)

I think I'll be more excited when it sinks in a little more ... just a big change, I've gotten the boy thing all figured out ya know. Should be exciting. Wyatt is excited, he said "Yes!! Now I can rope her!". Wish us luck!