Tuesday, December 22, 2009

really fabulous

maggie's birthday was really fabulous -- had to share a quick pic of her magical cake made by a sweet mud lake lady who is very talented. working on a lot of fabulous christmasy things around here ... not time to blog :) maybe later when the children are nestled all snug in their beds. don't worry I will post all the fabulous birthday pics soon!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


The princess is officially one year old today!
I can't believe how quickly the time has flown by ~ Miss Maggie is truly a delight!
She is sweet and darling ... but I must say she has a little red-head temper :) Since the time that we brought her home from the hospital the boys (especially daddy) has been in love. They call her princess so much I'm worried that she will think that's her name, lol. She is moving and shaking and getting into everything (poor christmas tree) but she doesn't care about walking ~ but why would she when she shrieks and the boys come get her and move her into the other room. I have loved having this sweet little girls spirit in our home ~ she is so nearly perfect that it's almost scary! Happy Birthday my sweet Miss Maggie-girl!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

life in the fast lane

we are some happening people over here. we have been RUNNING and RUNNING from one thing to the next.
finished wrestling ... wyatt doesn't want to do it again until he's 8. i said ok. i don't think he realizes that will be next year when they start again :)
to celebrate the kids and i went with my bestie chrissy to her parents house in south jordan for the weekend. we just played and played!
the boys are working hard at school ... coop is a smart little man and wyatt is rocking the math thing. hyrum loves preschool, he is meticulous when it comes to his coloring and cutting. i am used to the other 2 that are always in to big a hurry to color in the lines, what a patient little fella. i planned the 1st grade thanksgiving party, now that was entertaining.
thanksgiving was awesome -- spent time at both families. we had quin home for 4 days straight (and yes maggie had withdrawls when he went back on monday). chrissy and i braved the black friday crowds, it was a 1st for both of us and we made it to toys r us by 3:30 AM! yes crazy, that's us!
then last weekend we had the 3rd annual hobley christmas shin-dig. this year we used mom and dads timeshare points (thanks guys) and stayed at a SWEET condo in west yellowstone. we took the snowmachines, but something about the -20 degree temps didn't sound appealing to me. the men are wild and went a few times. quin and adam bonded by staying up until 3 in the morning (3 nights in a row) playing the new mario bros game on our wii (yes, it rocks and brings back some awesome memories). the cousins LOVE each other!! it's so fun to have them play and hang out. we are still trying to get caught up on our sleep :) then when we got home on sun night quin headed straight down to salt lake to go to a cummins and hitachi school for work. yes he is having fun on his vacation (when is my turn, lol). he will be back on fri and then we are off to salt lake with bri and rusty (quin's bro). we are excited to show the boys the lights at temple sqaure, it's been a few years! then on tues the 15th my baby miss maggie turns 1 !!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!! i can not believe how quickly that happened. she is still nearly perfect. she is happy almost all of the time and loves her brothers and daddy so much! her favorite words are bubba and dad --- someday i'm sure mom will be in her vocab, i can be patient. i am excited for her birthday party, there will be an amazing cake and lots of fun i'm sure!

Friday, November 6, 2009

seriously so blessed

i have so many things to be thankful for. (although messes are not one of them)
this month i am trying to think about peaceful things.
trying to remember the little things.
i am going to be posting the things that i am thankful for (ok just a fraction of them really).

today i am thankful for a house.
the wind is howling and the munchkins and i are safe and warm.
lucky us!
even when they mess up the rooms i spend time cleaning and organizing, at least they have something to dirty up!

somehow the month of october is over. how the world did that happen?
we've been decorating, shopping (ok, thats what i've been doing), and the big 2 started wrestling. it feels weird to have them wrestling for ririe. in fact we went to a meet last week in sugar city and the boys walked in wearing their bulldog colors and and we saw that west jeff had their jr. high wrestlers there. i asked quin if we should make them keep their coats on, lol. coach sawick was there and as we shook hands and i realized that i had kids old enough to wrestle i felt old. old and even a little mature (and that doesn't actually happen that often). so odd.
we finished harvesting the garden. pulled up the corn and sunflowers and feed them to shorty tuckett (lucky little pony). i've started drawing plans for next years garden (even bigger and better) i LOVE LOVE LOVE my new tiller and lawnmower ... am a little sad that i don't get to mow my lawn for the next MONTHSSSSS. oh well, at least i have a lawn (see me being thankful). love to all ... (only halloween costume pics i got ... the 2nd pic was when i was trying to get everyone on the porch for pics and a stray steer ran across the road, wyatt ran inside to grab his rope and coop ran to go bulldog it, i love that maggie still looks happy and hyrum looks worried!)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

take just a sec to read this

hello, it's annie here.
just wanted to share a little laughter on this lovely wed. afternoon -- what no snow today!! :) that puts me in a good mood!
this lady cRaCkS me up! --
read this you won't regret it ...

read this

jason, i want to know how much you laughed :) i wish i was around as you were reading this, just to hear it!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

boone family pics - fall 2009

I had so much fun taking these pictures ... it's amazing how many actual shots you have to take to get what you want :) In the end I couldn't believe all the cuteness that we ended up with! Hallie is a little girl that is in Wyatt's 1st grade class, Megan is 5 going on 20, and Dayton is a sweet 3 year old that escapes to our house to our sandbox on a regular basis (that and he loves our "hoss" shorty). Loved hanging out with this family, even in Dale was less than impressed :) lol.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hoagie's Birthday Baby!!

the last few weeks have been crazy busy.
mostly crazy ... mingled with a fair amount of busy.
i've been single-parenting while quin continues working +80 hours a WeEk!!
YUCK!! I think it would be easier if he was just gone all of the time and we didn't try to plan things around whether he thought he'd be home or not.
just sayin' ...
today is my best friend hoagie's birthday.
we've been friends at least for 15 years. hamer came to jr. high in terreton and she was rockin'. love her tons!! at our 10 year reunion is cracks me up that the only picture i got with someone was with my buddy that i talk to almost daily anyway. oh well. happy last year in your 20's babe!! :)
by the way I would only put a picture of myself up here for mindy.

i've been taking family pics for a few different people -- it is that time o'year when you realize that you better get outside pictures done before it gets to cold and nasty (like it is today) i'll post a few after i get them loaded and edited a bit. you know, in my spare time *hahahahahaha*

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

my baywatch moment.

So here is a great story that I've been meaning to share. Just so happens I got a nap in today for the first time in years I think, lol. Maggie and Hy (& mama) were worn out after preschool so we all got a little snooze!! YEAH!! I can already feel more energy oozing though my veins. That or the dr. pepper is working ;)

Anywoo -- so the week before school started I was running for mom of the year. I was thinking of all the little things that I'd been saying that we were going to do but I never seemed to have enough energy by myself or there was always something else to do (weird how that happens). But I digress. I told myself that was ok because when the kids got to school all they'd remember to talk about was the few days before anyway. Right. So the few days before school started we went to the zoo and the lake. While we were at the lake we ran into a few friends. They have a little guy that is 2 but build like a sherman tank. This kid is solid. And that's saying something cause I remember Samuel & Austin Egbert as young'ens. So we are all out playing in the sand and Dayton (the above mentioned little man) is spalshing around. All of the sudden out of the corner of my eye I saw that he had tipped over and was trying to drown. Poor Maggie was tucked under my arm like a quarterback running for the goal quicker that you could say HELP!! I saw him thrashing around and all I could see were his little eyes looking at me and him swallowing water. **Reader warning it gets a little graphic here** I left all caution in the wind and ran through the water, splashing around, things bouncing in ways they shouldn't. I totally had a Pamela Lee thing going. My blonde hair bouncing on the shoulders and my bosom bouncing off my chin. Good times, good times. Don't worry I saved the lad's life and gave the whole of rigby lake a great show. Dayton's mom was watching and after she saw that he was going to live she started laughing hysterically. A simple thank you would've sufficed.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

First Day of School 2009

I did it.

I sent my 2 big boys to school. Wyatt started 1st grade and Cooper is in Kindergarten. REALLY!!! When did that happen? They were both so excited. Wyatt was a great big brother. Cooper was so sure that Wyatt knew everything that he didn't even look back to me. He just followed big brother right up to the bus and got on to go to all day kindergarten. He'll go all day every other day ... sounds crazy to me but rigby school district is special like that. I have more to post about, more pictures ... outings to lakes, zoos, fishing, soccer, hikes, & huckleberries. I've loved the summer and am kinda sad to see it go, but I'm sure that we'll have bigger and even better things going on this fall! Gotta run and make so school bus cookies for the men. I'm sure Hyrum will help, he's been REALLY helpful today, lol. I think he misses the boys even more than I do. Maggie misses them to because now Hyrum can give her ALL of his attention. :) Quin's been gone this week, so when I get school boys bathed and in bed ya'll will hear from me again!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

where, oh where has the summertime gone?

oh where, oh where can it be??? ok, i guess that's really a song about a little dog, with it's ears cut short and it's tail cut long, oh where, oh where can he be? :) you know it's really to bad that you can't hear me singing when i blog -- i crack myself up.

this summer is nearly over -- the 2 big boys start school next thurs. Wyatt will be in 1st and Cooper is in kindergarten. Then Hyrum will start preschool in sept. WHAT in the WORLD am I going to do with myself? i'm not sure how i'll handle having a semi-quiet house. i might actually get ahead a little bit (until the weekends anyway).

we've had such a fun and busy summer, obviously, since i haven't posted in ions. here's a bit of the entertainment around here.

Maggie's dad gave her a chips ahoy cookie while we were camping. Her mom was VERY impressed, especially around 2 in the morning when she had a bellyache.

Water parties in the backyard with the neighbors. We love the Boone's!! It's so fun to live in such a great area!!

Weeding the garden, and weeding, and weeding. Next year we are more than doubling the garden. Maybe then the boys won't eat all of the peas so I can freeze some. We've loved fresh peas and potatoes though!! I love working outside with my little farmers :)

Wyatt loved the hammock while we were camping (LOVE the dirty smirk). The best family times that we have is when we are all outside and dirty -- gotta love it!

Loved playing at the spray park in Rexburg with Paisley! Cousins rock!! Can't wait to meet Ben & Rach's little lady in a few weeks!! The boys are counting down the days!!

Miss Maggie even got in on the fun!!

We survived t-ball and moved onto soccer the very next week. I think I've loved watching soccer even more than t-ball. Wyatt the athlete loves playing defense and then kicking it over everyone's head and watching them all run for it. Pretty funny!!

Three little Tuckett boys on the soccer sideline~

I'm gonna miss my little men when they head off to school -- but I think Hyrum may miss them even more!! He's their little shadow -- I'm glad they all play so good! I'll miss summer but can't wait to see what entertainment we have these coming months!! Love you all!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

mom, i'm going on a mission when i get big.

those words speak to a mothers heart.

this weekend while we were camping coop told me the following.
"mom, i'm going on a mission when i get big."
"that is so great cooper, it will be so cool"
"yeah, i'm going to ride a bike and do tippy-wheelies all the time."
meaning riding on the back tire of his bike.

and i thought i was training a spiritul giant.
nope, just the next evil kenevil.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Catching up -

The last few weeks have been to much fun!! Gotta get ya'll caught up. June 15th Miss Maggie Marie turned 6 months old ~ where has time gone? She's rolling and singing and making the sweetest noises. It's funny how sweet and girly her little voice sounds. So different from my wild little men. The weekend before the 15th we went with Quin's family to Yellowstone. We stopped by in West (where Quin's sis Whitney is working) and then we went through the park. The boys loved it of course ... and Maggie traveled so well! We saw a bunch of wildlife, for a minute we thought that a dang buffalo was going to hit Rusty's car (lucky for us he was in front). We've also finished up the t-ball season. Our first soccer game is July 1st.

The 17th was Mr. Wyatt's 7th birthday. Here are some fun Wyatt Facts...
*he is the best worker boy -- he takes his gloves with him so he can help work and get dirty
*he is so sweet with Maggie - he's always so willing to help with her
*he'll be in 1st grade this year
*he is an OUTSTANDING athlete - he wants to play every sport and is is awesome at all of them
*he does his chores and take good care of Shorty (our mini). he is so dang cute riding him!
I love Wyatt so much and am so proud of him. It's been fun to see him grow up and turn into such a tough guy!!

Wyatt had soccer practice and a t-ball game on the night of his birthday, so lucky boy got everyone in the family to come watch him. He was in is element. He hates that they only let him run to 1st base, he's sure he should get a homerun every time. After the game we went to our house for cake and ice cream. Wyatt got some fun presents ... a cinch for his saddle and then Quin bought him a bb gun-I wa there, but it's Quin's project :). At least it's locked up unless the dad is home. Thanks for all the fam for coming!

We went camping in Kilgore last weekend ... SOOO much fun --- the boys were sure they were in heaven :) More about that to come!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

oh, what do you do in the summertime?

I love this time of year -- I love planting and growing things. I love being outside with the kids. I love t-ball (very entertaining). I love camping and spending time with family. Lucky for me it's early on in the season and I'm already living it up.
Yep, I'm lucky.

Monday, June 1, 2009

I should just upload those pictures, but I won't.

I soooo have some darling pictures to upload and put on here.
Today is not going to be that day.
Quin was gone last week (he got home late Sat. night) and I've been "summer cleaning". For me that means decluttering and putting things away so I have an excuse to redecorate.
I've decided that I may be addicted to lists. I have more lists of projects that I want to do than I will ever have time to do. Today's projects have been organizing the shelf and cupboards above the washer and dryer in the laundry room. Now I'm putting the things I want and use above there and moving Quin's things out to the shed. He doesn't use those things that often and I'm tired of having my cleaning stuff not have a real home. Should make things much nicer around here.

We start t-ball tonight ~ Coop said that he wants to hit the ball and not just play on the toys like he did in Mud Lake. We'll see how that goes. Wyatt has been us since before 6 this morning waiting for tonight. Should be an awesome summer!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Brianna's Turn...

Bri and Rusty's pick-up ... lookin like she owned it, even before she did :)
(Bri & Rusty's wedding in Arizona)

I think that May is the month for family birthdays!

Have to give a shout-out to my sis-in-law Bri Tuckett (Rusty's wife). Her and I have been through a lot together. Business deals, trucking, missing husbands, baling, road trips, crazy in-laws, broken noses :), projects that take AT LEAST 2 times as long as the boys say they will ... and much, much more!! It's fun to have your husband's best friend be someone that you like to hang out with. Quin's best friend really is his little (but bigger) brother Rusty. They can talk and talk everytime they get together. They never run out of things to say. Their mom said that when they were little they would even talk to each other in their sleep. And that is saying a lot since neither one of them is very social with other people. I guess they just understand each other. So I'm SOOOO glad that Rusty married someone that I can talk to and do things with since everytime that we get together the boys go into their own little world :) She's a 5th grade teacher in Mud Lake and we've missed having them move out there. My boys love her (although maybe not as much as they love Uncle). I know that she'll be an amazing mom someday soon -- she is so cute with Maggie! So Bri -- thanks for all the talks and your friendship, hope your birthday is FANTASTIC!!! Hope Rusty gets you almost all the flowers that you want (but not all so that we can go shopping for some more!!!) Love ya!!!(Our last road-trip to Twin Falls)One of our 4-wheeler trips ... those were the days :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Gittin' Jiggy Wit It

Ever notice how so many song titles would make excellent blog titles. Well they would, so my posts for the rest of the month will all be song titles.

We've been busy people here at the Tuckett Spread.We've been working like crazy on the house now that it's FINALLY spring :) We planted the garden. (Purple and red potatoes, peas, carrots, corn, sunflowers, and pumpkins) Adopted 2 more kitties -- (piglet & ruby, they are darling!!)

I painted the front door red & then put chocolate brown vinyl letters on that say welcome. (Am I as cool as you yet Emily? ok, I know I'm not even close)
Then Quin replaced the trim on the house that blew off in the breezes that we've had lately. Then he painted it white (I love having him home for a few hours, he's so handy!)The pink primer made me a wee bit nervous!

Planted some flowers and had Quin build a stand on one of my old doors and then I hung flower baskets on it and planted those. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! I love flowers!
We've been enjoying the weather and all that brings -- tulips, friends, sunshine, brotherly love, and cousinly love :)

Maggie's first little piggy! Paiz and Maggie have matching bracelets (thanks aunt em). They are the cutest little cousins!! Paisley is calling Maggie "Sis or Sissy".

Wyatt had track & field day, this is him and his buddy from school Jett.

On the way to school that morning Coop was singing a song out loud and Wyatt said "Coop BE QUIET! I have to concentrate, we are having a really big tug of war and I've got to be tough". Pretty funny.
Miss Maggie Marie turned 5 MONTHS OLD!!! HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE!! She is growing more everyday and is so much fun ~ what a happy, smiley baby!! She loves her daddy and her brothers and wants to roll over SOOO bad :)

Hope your Weekend is as FABULOUS as ours is going to be ... tell you about it next week! Love you all!

Steven A. had a birthday!!

Yesterday was my padre's birthday. The older I get the more I love and appreciate him.

I love him not only for his cool cheesehead hat from Wisconsin :0) I love him for a lot of other little reasons. Here are the top ten reasons why I love my dad.

10. He adores my kids and they LOVE him!! Pa Steve rocks! I've always known that my dad was a baby man (meaning he loves little babies) but it's been so awesome to see him with his own grandkids. My kids all think he's fantastic!! They love when he comes over and they love to go see him at his "sugar house".

9. He's one of the hardest workers I know.

8. He would do anything I asked him.

7. Whenever he comes over he looks around and finds something that needs to be fixed and then does it for me.

6. He makes up and sings the funniest songs. I remember him doing that even when I was little.

5. I never hear him talk bad about people.

4. He is the best bargain shopper around.

3. He always made sure that we had everything that we needed growing up, even if he did without and had to work 3 jobs to do it. The amazing thing is that I never heard him complain.

2. He loves my mom -- he never let us backtalk her. We always had to show her respect, no question asked.

1. and the top reason that I love my dad, is that he would give any of us kids anything that he has.

May dad has had to fight his own personal battles, really who hasn't. He hasn't given up and has taught me that I should keep trying. When I was really struggling a few years ago dad told me to listen to the words of Rascal Flatts song "Stand" If you haven't heard it go and listen right now here. These are the words to the chorus... "Cause when push comes to shove, You taste what you're made of, You might bend, till you break, Cause its all you can take, On your knees you look up, Decide you've had enough, You get mad you get strong, Wipe your hands shake it off Then you Stand."

This song still reminds me of my dad. What a tough guy with a big heart. I am so proud to be his daughter and so happy that my kids have him as a grandpa!! Someday I'll have to tell him that he's my hero.