Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Maggie Marie Is Here!!!!!

Monday, December 15th little Maggie Marie Tuckett joined the Tuckett crew at about 1:10pm. She is absolutely perfect!! She weighed 7 lbs 9 oz and was 20 1/2 inches long. She has pretty dark hair and dark blue eyes. She loves to be cuddled and daddy is her favorite so far :) I think Quin is a little in love. Everything went really great. We were scheduled for a c-section at noon and I was so nervous --- I think that having it planned was even harder than the emergency ones were. But when we got in there things went so smoothly!! Maggie is so beautiful!! I feel so blessed to have a healthy happy baby ~ I can't wait to go home, tomorrow (Thurs) is the day. I miss my boys, they love their sister. Enjoy the pics, I'll write more later!! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU & YOURS!!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Early Christmas Present

So there is no new baby at the Tuckett house ... yet :)
Give us a week. Little baby girl will be joining the crew on Mon. December 15th, around 12:00 pm. I actually get to schedule this c-section. After 3 emergency ones it feels rather odd. But it will be nice to have her here and get to be home in time for Christmas. The boys are ecstatic!!! I'll write details and share pictures next week when we get her here!!! Wish us luck!

Monday, November 3, 2008

It's about time.

Hello my blogging buddies. Really I've missed you all ~ it's been nice to have a bit of a hiatus, but the time has come to buckle down and update ya'll, mostly because this sweet baby may decide to come any time. Knowing my history, sooner rather than later is probably what will happen. She will for sure be here by Dec. 15th (via c-section), but I'm thinking Thanksgiving sounds like a good goal. I've been down (contractions, diabetes, etc....) and it looks like it around my house. Quin's been super busy (Reno, Dillon, Wyoming) traveling and fixing really big equipment. He's so smart and then he likes to share what he did and why. I try to act really impressed, but mostly it goes over my head. Aunt Rachael took some AWESOME pics of the boys a few weeks ago, have to share.

Wyatt LOVES school, he can tell us what the speed limit is and makes sure that we are following it. Annoying, but kinda funny. He also likes to spell and sound out EVERY flipping sign that he sees. He is too funny. So the other day he tells me "Mom there are so many Rocco's around" (FYI Hyrum's nickname is Rocco) he says "there's Rocco Tuckett and Rocco Bama". That cracked me up!!! And my wild man Cooper had a cast on his arm for the last 6 weeks, we just got it off Halloween night. It was green (John Deere). He tried to lean over the side of his top bunk and grab something on the floor. Pretty bright that one. A few weeks ago he decided to start jumping off his top bunk over the railing, across the room onto Wyatt's single bed (yes it is as dangerous as it sounds) I was over laying on the couch having serious contractions when I heard an AWFUL thump. Coop comes limping out and I asked him if he jumped off the bed again. He said "What the heck mama, I think I bout broke my leg" . When I lifted up his pant leg I saw that it was all scraped and bruised already. He so lucked out on that one. Our little Hyrum has gotten such an attitude the last little bit, you can't ever get him to quit talking. He has an opinion about everything and even tries bossing around Wyatt. Halloween was so fun, we went to see some family (ben and rach included) and Rach came through again with some sweet pics. Wyatt was a vampire, Cooper was a Tiger, Hyrum was a Lion, and Uncle Ben was just scary :) The last picture is of Darling Weston and his hot mama Autumn. Sam is one lucky boy!! What I wouldn't have to get them to move closer. Anyone know of any houses for sale around and include an indoor riding arena? :) I'm getting more excited everyday to meet this little baby!!!!! Pray that everything goes well and hopefully we'll meet her soon!! Love you all!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Long time, no hear

So MUCH has been happening the last month.

Wyatt started kindergarten (he's in love).
Hyrum turned 3.
Cooper decided that he wants to be a sargent when he grows up (you know the kind that sells fireworks????? that's what he told me anyway).

We've been busy playing with the fam and extended fam. Quin LOVES his new job at Arnolds Machinery. He's in a service truck and does awesome. He was gone to a mine for about 3 days last week and then he's heading next week to a mine in Dillon.

Can I just share how much I love my family. We went camping in Island Park over Labor Day and my brother Ben even cracks me up when he's grumpy. What a sweet guy he is. A few weekends ago he blessed Samuel & Autumn's Weston-Boy ... I was so very proud of him!
Samuel is maybe the best daddy ever --- what I wouldn't give to have him live closer!! I love chatting with him almost daily, what a stud! I'm holding super cute Paisley as we speak ... don;t tell Em but she's chewing on my finger (I bet it tastes like peach anti-bacterial lotion-- yummy). I love having a sister with a baby ... she is such a good mama! Sara is 16 and I don't see her near enough, but she is hilarious!!!! My parents 28th anniversary is today ... I can't believe all that they've been through ... they really are my heroes. We had a little family photo shoot after Weston's blessing, here are a few pics from it ( really don't look 6 months pregnant, but I am, promise) . I will get the internet soon ... I am dying and my fan club is probably dwindling :) plus Sam complains when I don't write. I figure out that this sweet girl that likes to kick my ribs all the time :) could come in 2 months if she's follows her brothers lead and comes a little early ... I better get on the ball. I'm getting really excited to meet her, I bet she's entertaining !! Love to my peeps!

Friday, August 8, 2008


No, no I have not died. I've just moved, gotten a new nephew, found out what color baby I'm having, started insulin for diabetes, and had TONS of contractions. Phew, I'm worn out :)

So we moved back to our house in Rigby (fabulous by the way, I love it...I spent so much time on it, if I could get everything unpacked I'd be in heaven). Weston Samuel was born on June 25th ... he's so perfect!!! Darling, darling, darling. More about my upcoming babe in a sec. Here's a picture of my new favorite little man. And his gorgeous cousin ... Paisley Rae! (Can't get enough of that babe)
I don't have the internet yet, so I'll write more when I get the energy to go to mom's again.

Oh yeah ... had our ultrasound....

It's a girl. :)

I think I'll be more excited when it sinks in a little more ... just a big change, I've gotten the boy thing all figured out ya know. Should be exciting. Wyatt is excited, he said "Yes!! Now I can rope her!". Wish us luck!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Flashback Friday

So Wyatt Jay turned 6 this Tuesday -- I can't believe how quickly the time has gone! Here's a picture of him with Quin & Me when he was 1. He was such a sweet boy, he's always been such an entertainer! Happy Birthday my Wyatt boy!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mama Em & Baby Paisley

My sweet sister Emily is the cutest mommy ever, Paisley looks just like her!!! I remember Em when she was a baby, I always thought that she was my baby. I loved her SOOOO much (of course I still do). It's fun to see her with a little twin that's 19 years younger :) Love my girls so much!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Last little while in the Tuckett House

FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I found my little do-hicky that puts the pictures from my card to my camera. Hooray! So here are a few pics from the last little while. The DARLING photos I just had to share ;) We are hot and heavy with t-ball ... I'm the coach so things have been even more intense than usual. Pretty fun, but 22 4 &5 year olds can really drive you crazy! We have a game tonight so I'll just update quick. We have a new puppy from Uncle Sam named Jerry, and a new kitty named Missie. The boys also caught a frog outside and kept it alive for almost 3 weeks in a jar. Impressive I know!!

The boys and I went and took Quin lunch at the Hamer pivots while we were planting spuds, they loved it!!We went on a memorial day picnic up to Salmon -- so green and gorgeous!!Helping bottle feed a new baby calf. Wyatt thought we should check it every other minute!My man!! He is so good with the cows and the equipment. What a great guy! I love watching him work! ;)

Friday, June 6, 2008

Flashback Friday ...

Me & My Brothers.
I love my brothers. There've been good times, there have been bad times. But we've always been there for each other. Sam is probably having a new baby on Monday and Ben is working on building a beautiful new house. I'm so glad that I have brothers that look out for me -- they always make sure that I'm ok and that the boys are ok. I love that Samuel calls me all the time, we talk more than my cell minutes allow :) but we always have stuff to talk about. He's followed his dream and is cowboying --- what a huge deal! He has a sweet wife and about 25 dogs :) he's so sweet to my boys, they love talking to him on the phone. What I wouldn't give to have them live closer--Deer Lodge feels like forever away sometimes. Benjamin is hilarious!!! He has grown up into the most awesome guy! He found his "Paulynn" in Rachael. She is so patient and good to him, even when he doesn't deserve it;) He was ordained an elder a few weeks ago and I'm so so proud of him. Anyway, I just love my brothers. I hope that we are always as close as we are now. Love you Benj & Sambo!!!!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Flashback Friday :)

YAY!!!!! I found a happy picture to share.

So on June 17th, my Wyatt boy is going to be turning 6. I can't believe that!!! I am so proud of him, his a worker like no other (except maybe his dad). He loves horses and has been wearing his spurs for almost 2 years straight :) He loves helping with his brothers and ADORES new babies! He is funny and wants thinks to be perfect all the time (kinda hard with 2 little brothers around, but he tries). He's an athlete and loves to run and play. Can't wait to watch him play t-ball again this year. This picture is from his 4th birthday party, we went camping in Kilgore and he was so happy!!! What a sweet boy!! Now if I could figure out what to get him for his birthday in a few weeks!

Thursday, May 29, 2008


I'm tired of blogging without new pictures.
I'm tired of coughing all night instead of sleeping.
I'm tired of semi-nice weather, it's just teasing me.
I'm tired of crazy people that were never taught how to be nice.
I'm tired of laundry.
I'm tired of dirty little boys.
I'm tired of being tired.

How depressing am I???
Funny story now. The other day Cooper had on one of his John Deere Shirt on, the one that says "I make dirt look good". Anyway, I can't get him to take it off. I had it on for honestly 2 days straight ... I was pretty sick and didn't fight him to much. Finally I had to get it off of him, I can only stand so much neglect. Here's how the conversation went down.
Me: "Cooper, we have to take that shirt off"
Coop: "Why?"
Me: "It's dirty."
Coop: "I like it dirty."
Me: "Well it's getting pretty stinky."
Coop: "I REALLY like it stinky"
How can you fight that kind of logic? I let him keep it on and went and took 3 more tylenol.

FYI-I got it off him that night when I lured him into the bathtub, I can be pretty sneaky when I want to. :)

We branded calves yesterday, good times, good times. I'm nice and sunburnt now. My flowers are looking dandy, and my grass is getting greener by the day.
Ok, now I'm tired of blogging. Better head!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I would die for that.

This is the most touching thing I've seen in a LONG time!! It hit a cord for so many reasons, that are close to my heart. I have family and friends that have struggled with infertility and I know how special it is to be a mom. I would give anything for my kids ... my body with atest to that. There were so many times with my last pregnancy that I was in the hospital with them shoving needles in me that I would've loved to hear this song. Enjoy!!!

Just click on the link and it should come up.

Let me know what you think about it.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Can anyone hear me??????????????????

No, because I don't have a voice right now. Ask me how fun that is for me. The boys love it, they laugh whenever I start squeaking at them...they think it's rather amusing. However, I'm not quite as amused. How's a momma supposed to find a babysitter in Mud Lake without being able to talk? It's high school graduation tonight, I have a sister-in-law and a cousin graduating...will I be there? Who knows at this point. I've had a sinus infection/cold/strep/crap for a while now. Wyatt had strep last week, Hyrum had a double ear infection and sinus infection, and Coop had an attitude (is there a prescription for that?). It's been a not fun week. Also for those of you who don't have the privilege of living in Terreton or having family that lives or works in Terreton... I am expecting. I'm about 3 months along and doing AMAZINGLY well (no IV's yet, no hospital yet) other than this gunk I can't shake. I cough all night and then am exhausted all day. Could I whine anymore? Really, it's not all that bad. I have green grass, my boys are still playing like wild indians outside and Paisley is adorable, and Sam & Autumn will have a baby any day now. I do have it good, I have soft kleenex's :).

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Branding & Cutting @ the Hoggan's

Jay throwing a big loop off of Slim
Baby's after the branding

Last Monday had more entertainment than most people can handle. The day started out when I was out mowing my lawn and Jay Hoggan stopped by to see if Wyatt wanted to go help him. Of course Wyatt went and grabbed his hat and rope and jumped in the pick-up. I went down a couple hours later with the other 2 and ended up at Grandma Hoggan's. They were cutting horses and then branding the baby calves. Wyatt was so stoked to see the roping!! He asked J-2 why they were cutting the horses stomachs. J-2 was very helpful and told him that they were just cutting their nuts off. Out of the mouths of babes :) So a little later when a bucking horse ran and broke through the fence Wyatt said "J-2, it's a rodeo!" J-2 said "It's not a rodeo", so Wyatt said "Well it's a nut rodeo". Pretty entertaining. Here are a few cool pics courtesy of my best bud Mindy Marie Hoggan. Isn't Wyatt a little ham!!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Another installment of flashback friday ...

My flashbacks are pretty boring lately --- I have plenty of rad pictures, my scanner just isn't hooked up yet. Sorry all! This week has been awful (as many of you & most of Mud Lake knows). I'm not up to writing about it yet, maybe next week. I'm alive, Hyrum's alive and all is well. There you go.

This last week has made me very grateful that I live in such a stellar community. Don't get me wrong, Terreton is not quite perfection :) but there are so many wonderful and good people here, that it almost outweighs the bad. I love this picture of my grandpa Phillip, Uncle Edgar, and Rex Furness --- they were in the bishopric in Terreton and were great friends, people still talk about them highly and with love. I love that Rex's & Grandpa's posterity live in the area still, I hope that I always live up to the legacy that they started!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Problems ...

I can't find my dang thingee that transfers my pictures from my camera to my computer. What a drag. I don't have the heart to post without the happy pictures I've taken lately. So here is a rundown of some of the excitement at our house the last few weeks.

1. Done planting grain.
2. Moved the cows behind the lake (rather entertaining...I think the Mexicans thought they were bull-fighters, more on that later)
3. A new addition at the Tuckett household (named Shorty Tuckett)
4. Started planting potatoes.
5. Paisley's baby blessing.
6. Grass is greening up and my lilac is getting buds on it!!! YAY!!! Spring may be here FINALLY!
7. That's all for now I think :)

Hope you and yours are enjoying the sunshine --- I'm off to till the gardenspot up -- wish I knew how big to make it :)

Friday, April 25, 2008

Flashback Friday

I know that all you crazies reading my blog have been awaiting another installment of "flashback friday", probably as much as I was looking forward to a new Grey's episode. So here you go!!!This isn't that big of a flashback --- it was taken exactly 2 years ago. I loved my tulips at my other house --- they were so pretty. :) I love flowers, I love having the boys "help" :) with them. They look a little homeless, but we'd been busy working, what can ya do. Better head, the boys are clamoring for food (suprising I know). Leave a comment if you check this out -- I LOVE to hear from people!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Day in the Life...

Today has been as entertaining as all the others.
Wyatt came into my room at 7 to wake me up -- we hauled a tractor whom and didn't get home last night until almost 12am so I was one tired mama. Anyway, Wy comes in and tells me "Mom, my belly's hungry". I said "So eat something" -- in my defense I sometimes talk in my sleep. So Wyatt minds me for about the 2nd time of his life. I come out at 7:20 and he's eating a dang enchilada. He helped me make them last night for dinner and then we left before we got to eat them, so of course they made the perfect breakfast food in his 5 year old mind. A little gross to me, but it may have just been my morning breath. The Coop wakes up and wants "ladas" so we all ate cold enchiladas for breakfast. (yuck, I don't recommend it)
Then Quin calls and says that I need to run to Case. I got to chose if I went to IF or Rexburg. I had to take kiddos, so I voted to Rexburg -- easy in and out. Wyatt ended up going to pick rock with Quin so I took Cooper & Hy. Quin told them that since they had to go with me (what is that a punishment) they could pick out a new tractor at Case. We get there, I get the part and then we have to decide what tractor we need. Coop said he "needed" them all. Hy wanted a big backhoe. AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Most kids throw fits in grocery stores, my little weirdos throw fits in equipment stores. Needless to say we ended up leaving with a new swather with 2 heads (for Cooper) and a new tractor and grain drill (for Hyrum).
Now I'm making lunch while the little boys are outside swathing and drilling in the dirt that is my front walkway. Then we are off to Hamer to take oil & lunch & pops.
Wish me luck, I really need a nap!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

old house blues

We've moved.
I took the leap and decided that we had to be where Quin was (knowing that he's a workaholic and I've been around a few farmers in my day so I know their schedules - or lack thereof). It's been really great for the boys. They love being by the cows and they've got to watch us pull a couple of calves. They love that they can go hang out with dad once in a while. The only thing that is driving me really crazy (besides no grocery store nearby) is the fact that my Rigby house isn't even ready to sell yet. I've tried to go over with the little men a couple times and that just ends up AWFUL ~ I have to get it done, it's killing me to pay my mortgage month after month when I don't even get to live there. I think that it will break my heart to put the rest of my furniture and piano and BOOKS and whatnot in storage. That just seems so final. I went by yesterday and my tulips are all wanting to bloom and my grass is starting to green up and my irises are tall and straight. My 100 trees are looking good and I miss the fact that I had a bigger house and beautiful yard. I know that I can make this pretty outside, but it's not permanant, so really how much energy do I want to put in it.
I miss my old friends, I miss getting together with them. I miss seeing my husband (yes we've started planting grain now) I'll see him next Nov. again :) I just feel rather melancholy about the whole deal. I miss my yard, my flowers, my trees. I spent SO much energy in the last 3 years laying sod and planting bulbs and flowers. Maybe I just moved to much when I was growing up -- I just am tired by it! I wish I was closer to my sister Em, and that sweet baby Paisley, they were just down the road before. I am having such a hard time with all the drama out here. You forget (a little anyway) how much goes on -- with all the crap with Quin's family that happened the last year it's really hard to be out here. Dang I need to "toughen up a hair" as my poetic husband would say :). I just had to vent to someone. Lucky bloggers, you get to hear it. Sorry, I'll stuff it all back in, it won't happen again.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Paisley's Baby Shower

I WISH I could wear a "kini"

So I've lost some weight that last year. Not enough to be satisfied but enough that people notice. At least that's what they say. In fact 2 Sundays ago my skirt kept on falling off, mom said "Annie, you're not as fat as you think you are." Anyway ... today that all changed.

Wyatt came inside from roping outside (finally a nice day - yipee) and we had the following conversation.

"Mom, you should really lose some weight" --

"Why?" I said, I was waiting for a really illogical reason, one not even pertaining to my actual weight.

"Cause then you can wear a kini" --

Oh my gosh, my 5 year old knows what a bikini is. We are in for trouble. So my quick thinking chimes in and I say, "Jesus doesn't want us to wear bikinis". Yes I played the Jesus card, that always works lately, they don't even question it. Parents they question and doubt, Jesus they don't.

Then Wy says "So Jesus wants you fat?" this whole converstation is not going as planned.

"Yes Wyatt, Jesus wants me fat."

Then just like that it was over, and he went back outside to go play with the little brothers. Sometimes being a mom requires quicker thinking than I'm capable of with a nasty kidney infection. Do you think I'll be struck by lightining? I think we'll just say an extra prayer at family prayer time tonight. ***sigh***

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I saw this email and had to post it. Not very long ago I tried to explain the "watcha talkin bout Willis" thing to my baby sister Sara, it did not go over very well. And just yesterday I made my 18 year old cousin bust up when I told him "wax on, wax off" I think I may need help :)

You Know You Grew Up In The 80's or Early 90'sIf.................................

1. You've ever ended a sentence with the word "SIKE"
2. You watched the Pound Puppies.
3. You can sing the rap to the "Fresh Prince of Belair" ..and can do the"Carlton".
4. Girls wore biker shorts under their skirts and felt stylishly sexy.
5. You yearned to be a member of the Baby-sitters club and tried to start aclub of your own.
6. You owned those lil' Strawberry Shortcake pals scented dolls.
7. You know that "WOAH " comes from Joey on Blossom
8. Two words: Hammer Pants
9. If you ever watched "Fraggle Rock"
10. You had plastic streamers on yourhandle bars... and "spokey-dokes" or playing cards on your spokes for thatincredible sound effect.
11. You can sing the entire theme song to "DuckTales " (Woo ooh!)
12. It was actually worth getting up early on a Saturday to watch cartoons.
13. You wore a ponytail on the side of your head.
14. You saw the original "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles " on the bigscreen...and still know the turtles names.
15. You got super-excited when it was Oregon Trail day in computer class atschool.
16. You made your mom buy one of those clips that would hold your shirt in>aknot on the side.
17. You played the game "MASH " (Mansion, Apartment, Shelter, House)
18. You wore stonewashed Jordache jean jackets and were proud of it.
19. L.A. Gear....need I say more?
20. You wanted to change your name to "JEM " in Kindergarten. (She'struly outrageous.)
21. You remember reading "Tales of a fourth grade nothing " and all theRamona books.
22. You know the profound meaning of "WAX ON, WAX OFF"
23. You wanted to be a Goonie.
24. You ever wore fluorescent clothing. (some of us... head-to-toe)
25. You can remember what Michael Jackson looked like before his nosefell off and his cheeks shifted.
26. You have ever pondered why Smurfette was the only female smurf.
27. You took lunch boxes to school... and traded Garbage Pail Kids in theschool yard.
28. You remember the CRAZE, then the BANNING of slap bracelets.
29. You still get the urge to say "NOT " after every sentence.
30. You remember Hypercolor t-shirts.
31. Barbie and the Rockers was your favorite band. (I liked Kayla of course)
32. You thought She-ra (Princess of Power!) and He-Man should hook up.
33. You thought your childhood friends would never leave because youexchanged handmade friendship bracelets.
34. You ever owned a pair of Jelly-Shoes. (or like ..24, probably in neoncolors, too)
35. After you saw Pee-Wee's Big Adventure you kept saying "I know you are,but what am I?"
36. You remember "I've fallen and I can'tget up"
37. You remember going to the skating rink before there were inline skates.
38. You ever got seriously injured on a Slip and Slide.
39. You have ever played with a Skip-It.
40. You had or attended a birthday party at McDonalds.
41. You've gone through this nodding your head in agreement.
42. You remember Popples.
43. "Don't worry, be happy"
44. You wore like, EIGHT pairs of socks over tights with high top Reeboks.
45. You wore socks scrunched down (and sometimes still do... getting yelled at by "younger hip" members of the family)
46. You remember boom boxes.. and walking around with one on your shoulderlike you were all that.
47. You remember watching both "Gremlins " movies.
48. You know what it meant to say "Care Bear Stare!!"
49. You remember watching "Rainbow Bright" and "My Little Pony Tales"
50. You thought Doogie Howser/Samantha Micelli was hot.
51. You remember Alf, the lil furry brown alien from Melmac.
52. You remember New Kids on the Block when they were cool... and don'tevenflinch when people refer to them as "NKOTB".
53. You knew all the characters names and their life stories on "Saved ByThe Bell," The ORIGINAL class.
54. You know all the words to Bon Jovi - SHOT THROUGH THE HEART.
55. You just sang those words to yourself.
56. You remember watching Magic vs. Bird.
57. Homemade Levi shorts.. (the shorter the better)
58. You remember when mullets were cool!
59. You had a mullet!
60. You still sing "We are the World"
61. You tight rolled your jeans.
62. You owned a bannana clip
63. You remember "Where's the Beef?"
64. You used to (and probably still do) say "What you talkin' aboutWillis?"
65. You had big hair and you knew how to use it.
66. You're still singing shot through the heart in your head, aren't you!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Paisley Rae Summers

The boys and I absolutely love that Paisley is here. We've been sad all weekend because the boys have runny noses and we can't go see her :) Bless Wyatt's heart, he asked me if we could take her home with us. I must say that having a little sister be so sick while she's pregnant and then having the baby and having everyone safe and healthy was such a relief!! I can't believe how worried I was. I just love those 2 girls so much...I can't wait to see what a great mommy Em will be ~ and what Paisley will become. Now I've just got to get planning the baby shower, now that everyone is healthy and happy again :).

Friday, April 4, 2008

I'M BACK!!!!!

Cooper's John Deere birthday party ... LOTS OF FUN, & LOTS OF GREEN!! :)

Can you believe that I'm back online!!

We moved to Mud Lake and I FINALLY have the internet :) The boys are in love, we've been calving like crazy for the last month or so, that's finally starting to slow down. It's been awesome to be here and work outside with the boys and Quin a little bit. We've been working on cleaning up the yard, and I've painted the whole inside. The house is pretty tight, but they say that love goes best in little houses :) I just have to remember that this isn't forever I guess.

Can't wait to keep in touch with everyone again!!

Oh yeah, my little sis Emily and her sweet husband Adam had their baby, a little girl named Paisley Rae. I'll get pics on soon!

Love to all!!! Annie

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Cooper's Birthday!!

So my little farmer-boy is turning 4 next week!! I can not believe that. We are having a rocking John Deere birthday. Regardless of what he wants though, I put my foot down at actually having it in the tractor. :) Should be tons of fun. Cooper is such a happy little camper! If only I could figure out some way to punish him! Nothing seems to work. Any ideas??

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Wedding ... :)

So Shane and Shay's wedding & reception was a big hit. I was so nervous ... I wanted it to be perfect, I think that it actually almost was! The sealing was so beautiful. Dwayne Lee sealed them in the Rexburg Temple, he did such a great job. Go to this site to see some of the fabulous pictures ~ she did such a great job & I can't wait to see more of the pics. I love Shay sooo much! We were best buds in high school and then, well life happened :) and somehow we didn't see each other as much as we could've. I am so glad that she found someone as awesome as Shane! They are so amazing together. LIVE LONG AND PROSPER SHANE AND SHAY!!! Love you guys tons!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Flashback Friday (on Monday) :)

Yes, I'm slacking off ... I just had a wild Friday (Shay & Shane wedding) had to decorate and make it beautiful (which it was!!!) and then went off to the cabin with my while fam-damily this weekend. WAY FUN!!! But more on that later, we have a flashback to get to.

There you go ~ I thought since it was just Valentine's Day that I should flashback to a picture of me and my sweetheart!! Quin is such a great guy! A workaholic sometimes, but he is so dang smart. He loves to fix everything and loves farming. I love being outside with him and hanging out watching Friends (I've got him hooked now). Our boys are so lucky to have such a great example for a dad!! Love you babe!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day All!!

Here's the Valentine I made this year --- I modified it for Wyatt's class, just used a picture of him and changed the words. Yes, I was pretty proud of self! :)
Hope your V-Day is full of fun & love!! loves, Annie

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Prayers for Emily

Ok, my sweet sister Emily Merlene is expecting her first baby ~ she's 31 weeks along and measuring at 36 I think. They put her on bedrest a few weeks ago for INSANELY high blood pressure. They are worried about her toximia -- that baby girl just needs a few more weeks of cookin' :) So please remember Em in your prayers! (And don't forget her sweet husband, Adam)

One of Emily's stellar Sr. photos --

Friday, February 8, 2008


Lucky people! I'm starting a new Friday tradition ~ presenting (dum, da, da, dum) Flashback Friday!! **disclaimer: nothing is off limits and I am open to requests** So enough clowing around,

Oh, aren't I adorable (circa 1983)!! What fun. Yes, I grew up in a circus. Now I live in an even crazier one!! Here is the real stellar photo ... aren't we pretty :)

The Hobley Family around 1989 (before Sara ~ those were the days, kidding grace, kidding!).

Love to all ~ I've had enough blogging this morning. I'm off to the doctor. Peace Out Yo!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Snow day!

Today was ANOTHER blessed snow day. I love that it ticks Wyatt off to have to stay home, I'm starting to wonder what they do in kindergarten that makes it so amusing. Maybe it's just that if I make him stay him he has to take the garbage out and share his rc 4-wheeler with his brothers. I just love snow days ~ even though I'm not in school it really just floats my boat to know that the kids are out. For most of the day it looked like this

Just imagine more drifts and less blue sky.
Yuck -- that canceled my house painting plans in Mud Lake, I was NOT wanting to get stuck out there. No offense Mud-People, I just really like my bed.
When it finally cleared up some (about 3:30) the boys and I went outside. This is what I wanted to be doing -- instead I used my dad's little honda to pull Wyatt around in the sled, still entertaining, he loves to jump drifts. Coop & Hy kept on saying "faster mama".
Then we came inside. I wish that we had this ... I love fireplaces. Someday my friends, someday.
At least we really did have this. I heart chocolate mint truffle. If you love me you'll buy me some. That's what I told self last night at Wal-Mart. "Self" I said, "If you love me you'll be me this coca". Turns out I love myself pretty much. I bought the big can. Oh well, it looks like we'll need all the hot coca we can get around here. I think there's a trampoline somewhere out in my yard, there's just to much snow to see it now.