Thursday, April 30, 2009


How you catch swine flu .... lol

Wyatt wants to know if I could find a picture of a kid kissing a moose. Cooper said "I'll kiss one, mama go get your camera".

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I lied

I promised you pictures on this post, but the camera is in the car --- so since I'm to lazy to go get it you don't get any cool pictures ~ but lucky you, you get ........ dun, duh, duh, dum (could you hear that in your heard -- it was like a little drumroll thingee)

5 little known facts about me

1. I love being outside more than I like being inside. Ok so that's not really unknown --- but how about I think my yard would be about complete if I had a few chickens and a pygmy goat in it. I've been searching craigslist religiously looking for baby pygmy goats at a good deal ~ I'd give anything to have one, or anything up to $50 :) I think that are so sweet and I love that they are handy little weedeaters.

2. I love the smell of grease and dirt. Good thing I married a dirty mechanic then :) I love it when Quin comes home and is dirty and smells like the shop ~ I think that there is something very attractive about manual labor --- very cavewoman of me, but I like thinking that "by the sweat of his brow" we are eating our food.

3. I spent my 18th birthday in Boston without any family. Fun stuff --- I talked to Quin on the phone for about an hour from my hotel room (can that really be almost 10 years ago).

4. I want to own a pair of fabulous rain boots almost as much as I want to own a pygmy goat. Some rocking polka dot ones, some striped ones, animal print, I'm not that picky as long as they fit :) size 10 or 11 will do thanks.

5. I have OCD about A LOT of things --- my christmas lights all have to point the right way, my sheets have to be pulled tight before I go to bed, my towels HAVE to be folded a certain way, and the pattern on my bed (stars) has to be pointed the right way. I also am weird about loading the dishwasher and even numbers. I am a true weirdo.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

blah blah blah

I don't post as often as I'd like to.
Really I wake up during the night thinking of things I need to share. Those funny tidbits, riveting details, your basic exciting things from our life. But then when in the heck am I supposed to do it? I have a few crazies living here --- and everytime that I get on the computer Coop asks me if I'm going to watch tractorpulls on youtube. "No Coop" -- "Are you going to look at Volvo stuff mama" --- "No Coop, I'm going to write a blog" --- "Mama, do you have any cool pictures of me?" --- "I'll look and see Coop" --- "If you don't have any cool ones of me can we get a cool one of Taylor Swift?" Yes, we may have a small branch of the Taylor Swift club at our house. Wyatt started it all by wanting to name Maggie Taylor before she was born --- but Taylor Tuckett wasn't quite right. Now Cooper thinks she has pretty hair. Is it normal for 5 and 6 year olds to have crushes already? Wyatt says that he really crushed her. Funny boys.

Quin has been gone a ton lately --- and I mean a ton, almost every other night and sometimes more he has been at the mine in Wyoming. In fact I think I actually sleep better when he is gone now. I miss him and am tired of trying to do everything!! (Waa, waa, waa) I'm such a baby -- I know that it's great to have a job, I really am thankful for that, but I miss him and I miss his help once in a while. I decided I need a hobby to do while he's gone so much ... the summer is looking as fantastic as this spring has. I really want to learn how to make bows. I never thought that day would come. But I do ... maybe I can find someone to show me how.

Enough fun stuff for today --- promise the next post will be more entertaing and have some "cool" pictures :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

so much fun in so short a time ...

The last ten days have been full of fun and excitement.

Quin & I went with Bri, Rusty, & Shawna to see Quin's little sister Whitney @ State FFA in Twin Falls. It was so fun to leave the boys with Grammy Monica and get to just play around for a couple of days. Whitney is one of the most incredible girls that I know. She is going to school in Moscow and was a state FFA officer for the last year. It was so fun to see her as a Whitney Tuckett and not just as Buzz the little sister. She is powerful, and funny, and so talented. I can't wait to see what she becomes!! Great job Buzzy!!!
It was so fun to drive down with Bri & Rusty ~ I love it when Quin gets to be with his little brother for extended periods of time. When they use to farm and truck together they were inseperable. They can honestly talk for 48 hours straight and still not run out of things to say (right Bri & Shawna). They are the best of friends and they really crack me up!
We got to take Whitney around for a little while in between breaks and we went and saw Shoshone Falls (AWESOME this last weekend, tons of water) it was gorgeous! It was so fun just to hang out and's been to long! This last week Maggie turned 4 months!!! WHAT! When did that happen? She is such a happy smiley baby! What an angel ~ she is so special! The boys dote on her and Quin is so cute with her, she really lights up when he's around. And it's been awesome to finally have some warmer weather for longer than a day :) Were into day 3 and still going strong! Here are some pictures of Miss Maggie at 4 months and the boys and her outside just enjoying life. Here is also a darling one of Hyrum helping gather eggs with Paisley, I guess we've also had Easter sometime in the last little bit, I told you so much fun so little time, I can't even keep it straight! :) Also Ben & Rach are having a girl and I'm SOOOO excited. Ben is one of the best guys with babies that I know, I'm so happy for them both, they are so cool :)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Just a little something, something...

I saw this survey floating around blogland and thought that I had to try it out. Pretty funny.
They are pretty entertaining ... it made their whole day for me to sit them all down and ask them questions by themselves. Hy couldn't quit laughing.

What is something your mom always says to you?
C-go get changed out of your pajamas
H-clean up

What makes mom happy?
C-when i do something nice
H-when we do jobs

What makes mom sad?
W-when cooper isn't very nice
C-not doing things
H-not picking up toys

How does mom make you laugh?
W-do jokes and dances
C-tickles me
H-going to the hospital

How old is your mom?

How tall is your mom?
W-super duper tall
C-really tall

What is your mom's favorite thing to watch on TV?
W-i don't know
C-girl shows
H-girl stuff

What does your mom do when you're not around?
W-you clean with the little boys
C-call me
H-make me laugh

If your mom becomes famous, what will it be for?
W-riding horses
C-for doing something
H-a cartoon

What is your mom really good at?
W-let me think, cleaning
C-piano lessons

What does your mom do for her job?
W-cleans the kitchen and feeds Maggie
C-make money
H-go get groceries

Whats your moms favorite food?

What makes you proud of your mom?
W-cleaning up my bedroom
C-doing somthing
H-clean up

If your mom was a cartoon character, who would she be?
C-a bear
H-a princess

What do you and your mom do together?
W-play outside
C-we go on dates
H-go on walks

How are you and your mom the same?
W-blue eyes and we are smart
C-us have the same hair
H-good smile

How do you know your mom loves you?
W-because of hugs
C-you kiss me and hug me
H-you smiled

What does your mom like most about your dad?
W-he's smart
C-you kiss him
H-daddy laughs

Where is your moms favorite place to go?
W-Hawaii (I wish)
C-grocery shopping
H-grammy's (us can go there too!)

Friday, April 3, 2009

We're Moving!!

Ok, not really, but knowing our history that could be possible. I want to move. Somewhere warm. Somewhere dry. Somewhere tropical. But just until it finally turns into spring around here. Is it really April 3rd? I took this picture this morning. The boys think that INCHES of April snow is fantastic. I hate it. I want to be outside in the sun ~ working on my yard, and my flowerbeds. Not trudging through SNOW!!! Yuck! Maybe if it warmed up Maggie wouldn't have a cold anymore and she'd sleep more than an hour at a time. Maybe, it's a dream anyhow. At least the boys are loving life :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Scrapalicious Challenge

So I have an amazing friend named Alicia, who has the cute scrapbook store in Rigby (it has the cutest curtains in the world) ... she is starting something fabulously fun for the month of April ... The challenge is to do 1 layout everyday for the month of April ~ I've been a scrapbook slacker the last mmmmm, almost a YEAR. So here is some much needed motivation for self. Care to join us? Check out her blog :). Watch for some fun layouts in the next month of blogs!!

Now just because she's darling, here's Maggie sleeping this afternoon in her swing ~ what a dolly!