Friday, September 28, 2007

Weddings, weddings, weddings...

So Benjamin J is getting married tomorrow (Sept. 29th). Emily was married this last April and is now expecting a little Payton-baby :) Samuel & Autumn are engaged and planning a wedding before the end of this year ~ I love that I'm getting so many more siblings!! After being the only married children for over 1/2 a decade and having the only grandbabies ... let's just say that I'm thinking it's about time! Here is a gorgeous engagement shot of Ben & Rach ... the boys are wearing WHITE tuxes tomorrow (they will be darling, but I'm packing multiple bleach pens). I think that I finally have the wedding video (I wish I knew how to put it online) done to Ben's specifications ... we'll see at the reception! Wish us ALL luck! Love to All ~ Especially those crazy cousins from Colorado :)!

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