Thursday, June 12, 2008

Last little while in the Tuckett House

FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I found my little do-hicky that puts the pictures from my card to my camera. Hooray! So here are a few pics from the last little while. The DARLING photos I just had to share ;) We are hot and heavy with t-ball ... I'm the coach so things have been even more intense than usual. Pretty fun, but 22 4 &5 year olds can really drive you crazy! We have a game tonight so I'll just update quick. We have a new puppy from Uncle Sam named Jerry, and a new kitty named Missie. The boys also caught a frog outside and kept it alive for almost 3 weeks in a jar. Impressive I know!!

The boys and I went and took Quin lunch at the Hamer pivots while we were planting spuds, they loved it!!We went on a memorial day picnic up to Salmon -- so green and gorgeous!!Helping bottle feed a new baby calf. Wyatt thought we should check it every other minute!My man!! He is so good with the cows and the equipment. What a great guy! I love watching him work! ;)

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Ben & Rachael said...

cute pics!! the boys are so cute with their summer tans and buzz haircuts!