Saturday, April 25, 2009

blah blah blah

I don't post as often as I'd like to.
Really I wake up during the night thinking of things I need to share. Those funny tidbits, riveting details, your basic exciting things from our life. But then when in the heck am I supposed to do it? I have a few crazies living here --- and everytime that I get on the computer Coop asks me if I'm going to watch tractorpulls on youtube. "No Coop" -- "Are you going to look at Volvo stuff mama" --- "No Coop, I'm going to write a blog" --- "Mama, do you have any cool pictures of me?" --- "I'll look and see Coop" --- "If you don't have any cool ones of me can we get a cool one of Taylor Swift?" Yes, we may have a small branch of the Taylor Swift club at our house. Wyatt started it all by wanting to name Maggie Taylor before she was born --- but Taylor Tuckett wasn't quite right. Now Cooper thinks she has pretty hair. Is it normal for 5 and 6 year olds to have crushes already? Wyatt says that he really crushed her. Funny boys.

Quin has been gone a ton lately --- and I mean a ton, almost every other night and sometimes more he has been at the mine in Wyoming. In fact I think I actually sleep better when he is gone now. I miss him and am tired of trying to do everything!! (Waa, waa, waa) I'm such a baby -- I know that it's great to have a job, I really am thankful for that, but I miss him and I miss his help once in a while. I decided I need a hobby to do while he's gone so much ... the summer is looking as fantastic as this spring has. I really want to learn how to make bows. I never thought that day would come. But I do ... maybe I can find someone to show me how.

Enough fun stuff for today --- promise the next post will be more entertaing and have some "cool" pictures :)


Alicia said...

I know what you have all these funny things, but not enough time to hurry & post...

that's okay, I enjoy what you have to say, even though it's not that often, I'm one to talk too, my blog sucks! your little boys are so funny, too cute!

Alicia said... can definately take off the Amazing in front of my name, NOT SO!