Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hoagie's Birthday Baby!!

the last few weeks have been crazy busy.
mostly crazy ... mingled with a fair amount of busy.
i've been single-parenting while quin continues working +80 hours a WeEk!!
YUCK!! I think it would be easier if he was just gone all of the time and we didn't try to plan things around whether he thought he'd be home or not.
just sayin' ...
today is my best friend hoagie's birthday.
we've been friends at least for 15 years. hamer came to jr. high in terreton and she was rockin'. love her tons!! at our 10 year reunion is cracks me up that the only picture i got with someone was with my buddy that i talk to almost daily anyway. oh well. happy last year in your 20's babe!! :)
by the way I would only put a picture of myself up here for mindy.

i've been taking family pics for a few different people -- it is that time o'year when you realize that you better get outside pictures done before it gets to cold and nasty (like it is today) i'll post a few after i get them loaded and edited a bit. you know, in my spare time *hahahahahaha*

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