Wednesday, August 12, 2009

where, oh where has the summertime gone?

oh where, oh where can it be??? ok, i guess that's really a song about a little dog, with it's ears cut short and it's tail cut long, oh where, oh where can he be? :) you know it's really to bad that you can't hear me singing when i blog -- i crack myself up.

this summer is nearly over -- the 2 big boys start school next thurs. Wyatt will be in 1st and Cooper is in kindergarten. Then Hyrum will start preschool in sept. WHAT in the WORLD am I going to do with myself? i'm not sure how i'll handle having a semi-quiet house. i might actually get ahead a little bit (until the weekends anyway).

we've had such a fun and busy summer, obviously, since i haven't posted in ions. here's a bit of the entertainment around here.

Maggie's dad gave her a chips ahoy cookie while we were camping. Her mom was VERY impressed, especially around 2 in the morning when she had a bellyache.

Water parties in the backyard with the neighbors. We love the Boone's!! It's so fun to live in such a great area!!

Weeding the garden, and weeding, and weeding. Next year we are more than doubling the garden. Maybe then the boys won't eat all of the peas so I can freeze some. We've loved fresh peas and potatoes though!! I love working outside with my little farmers :)

Wyatt loved the hammock while we were camping (LOVE the dirty smirk). The best family times that we have is when we are all outside and dirty -- gotta love it!

Loved playing at the spray park in Rexburg with Paisley! Cousins rock!! Can't wait to meet Ben & Rach's little lady in a few weeks!! The boys are counting down the days!!

Miss Maggie even got in on the fun!!

We survived t-ball and moved onto soccer the very next week. I think I've loved watching soccer even more than t-ball. Wyatt the athlete loves playing defense and then kicking it over everyone's head and watching them all run for it. Pretty funny!!

Three little Tuckett boys on the soccer sideline~

I'm gonna miss my little men when they head off to school -- but I think Hyrum may miss them even more!! He's their little shadow -- I'm glad they all play so good! I'll miss summer but can't wait to see what entertainment we have these coming months!! Love you all!!


Gel said...

Its fun to see new pictures. Your little girl is getting so big and she is so cute! Your garden looks great! I love fresh veggies!

Brianna and Rusty Tuckett said...

That's a pretty good recap of the summer :) Where did the time go?! I love the pics :) I'm sooooo glad to have the internet back :)