Tuesday, June 30, 2009

mom, i'm going on a mission when i get big.

those words speak to a mothers heart.

this weekend while we were camping coop told me the following.
"mom, i'm going on a mission when i get big."
"that is so great cooper, it will be so cool"
"yeah, i'm going to ride a bike and do tippy-wheelies all the time."
meaning riding on the back tire of his bike.

and i thought i was training a spiritul giant.
nope, just the next evil kenevil.


Lauren said...

hahahahaha...that is hilarious! So innocent...

geri said...

i think he's one funny little dude.
seriously. from the shoes in the tonka truck out back to tippy-wheelies and my john deer couch.... he cracks me up!
p.s. why do we say that? "crack me up". i don't get it.

Hobley said...

hahahaha!! how's that west nile goin for ya?! hahah ;)