Tuesday, October 6, 2009

boone family pics - fall 2009

I had so much fun taking these pictures ... it's amazing how many actual shots you have to take to get what you want :) In the end I couldn't believe all the cuteness that we ended up with! Hallie is a little girl that is in Wyatt's 1st grade class, Megan is 5 going on 20, and Dayton is a sweet 3 year old that escapes to our house to our sandbox on a regular basis (that and he loves our "hoss" shorty). Loved hanging out with this family, even in Dale was less than impressed :) lol.


marinda said...

you have such a cute family! great job on your pictures! you'll have to show me how to do the cute background/collage thing with your pictures sometime-i love it you do awesome at it!
have a great day!

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