Wednesday, October 7, 2009

take just a sec to read this

hello, it's annie here.
just wanted to share a little laughter on this lovely wed. afternoon -- what no snow today!! :) that puts me in a good mood!
this lady cRaCkS me up! --
read this you won't regret it ...

read this

jason, i want to know how much you laughed :) i wish i was around as you were reading this, just to hear it!


Audrey said...

I read it and it was funny! Esp when she kicked the crap out of that little boy and called him a sex maniac!
Glad you guys are feeling better! Cute festive template!

ashley mikell said...

oh that is FUNNY!

Adam,Emily, and Paisley said...

ha ha annie you are so funny... I love your face!