Tuesday, September 21, 2010

just sayin ... hes the man

even if he is younger than me
i grew up loving my cousin jason .... he is the best
my boys call him uncle jason. even though he's not i don't correct them cause they would be lucky to have him as an uncle. just when i thought that jase couldn't get any cooler he went and married one of the sweetest most wonderful girls i have ever known ... miss geri is a gem. he has great parents and awesome extended family (obviously, lol)
jason has cystic fibrosis ... i remember when he was little watching him get "pat pats" to break up that junk in his lungs. that kids a fighter.
he's a finalist in a stellar scholarship contest, please help him out and give 3 seconds of your time to vote for him just go here
make sure to take a second to watch his video, little jason pics choked me up ... he was the cutest kid with the sweetest smile ... still is ;)

come on people ... help a real live superman out

1 comment:

geri said...

Oh Annie, you're sweet and wonderful! Thanks for the shout-out (and thanks for the self-esteem boost).