Monday, December 6, 2010

Tinsel, and Garland, and Christmas Cards ... OH MY!

There is something about the holidays that makes my heart swoon. Maybe it’s the lights, the wrappings, or the colors. Maybe it’s the music or the tender smiles on the faces of my children. Maybe it’s the fact that I know the real “Reason for the Season”. I love all the traditions and trappings that come along with this merry time of year. One of my favorite traditions is that on exchanging Christmas cards. (yes i realize i'm a wee bit crazy) I have been doing Christmas cards since Quin and I were married about 9 years ago -- every year the cards seem to fit the certain stage in my life. They started out as sweet little homemade ones that a poor little mom and housewife made with glue and glitter. They came from the heart and they were made with love. But them as more babies came and more responsibilities I started to simplify my card making process. I ordered pictures of the family and signed them with our names. Now more kids and more pressures make the task nearly daunting! But I totally lucked out this year (as did my family and friends lol) I’m making my cards through shutterfly ~ love this years card choices!! I’m made the photo books before and was so impressed with the product and the time it took. Can't wait to make some invites for a 2nd bday party/christmas party for miss maggie. I am also looking forward to making darling calenders for the grands next year :) with darling pics of my little crazies. I'm posting about my card making this year mostly for some free credits through shutterfly but I honestly love their product, service and prices!! So try it out ... I'll be waiting for some darling cards from you this year!! :)

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