Wednesday, September 1, 2010

not gonna lie

So I have been on a slight hiatus ... ok that's a lie, i haven't blogged in FORever!!
Its cause I've been traveling the world writing a novel ... ok that's another lie ... I've just been being a mom and wife (taint easy I tell ya).

But the time has come that kids have started school ... ALL THREE BOYS ... and Miss Maggie is having a nap and honestly I have to start with low standards for quin so that he doesn't expect magic everyday ;) I'm all about the wow effect -- you know when u don't put on make-up everyday and so when u do he says "WOW", yep I love that. So I have to waste a little time ... dinner is done in the crockpot and dishes are done and laundry is put away. Not to say that everything is done ... but again, when I get it done in a day or 2 it will have the wow effect (try it out on someone you love).

The last, mmmm over half a year has been great :)
Wyatt and Cooper did wrestling in Ririe (and yes that makes me feel like a traitor somehow)
Wy, Coop, and Hy played t-ball and coach pitch ... let's hear it for the tball coaches out there (yeah i coached and it was a little rough, but i didn't beat anyone)
We had swimming lessons ... i have little fishies now.
Wyatt was baptized by his daddy in July (sniff, sniff ... will share more about that later)
Now Wyatt is playing flag football and I'm not gonna lie, I think it may be a fav for me. LuRvE it!!! It even makes me happy that fall is coming, not that I'm ready to pull out the snowclothes yet but loving the little chill in the mornings.
Maggie is sweet sweet sweet! She calls me Annie (and has for months) which makes for awesome conversation as church ... she's the little boss, but we love her :)

This morning was the 1st day ... Wyatt is in 2nd, Coop is in 1st, and Hy is in kindergarten. When did my babies get so big?? They were so excited it was hard not to get caught up in it, but as I watched the bus pull away with so much of my world on it I felt a little vaclemped. I love being the mom, I love their stories, their games, their wildness, just love them!!

But I'm not gonna lie, the quiet is pretty nice right now!


Brianna Tuckett said...

I never noticed it before but Hyrum is now taller than Cooper! When did THAT happen? :) I hope they had a good day at school :)

Stacy said...

Welcome back.

Cassie said...

You're boys are darling.

Cassie said...

Ooops....wrong kind of you' was going to be a ....your....:O)