Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Branding & Cutting @ the Hoggan's

Jay throwing a big loop off of Slim
Baby's after the branding

Last Monday had more entertainment than most people can handle. The day started out when I was out mowing my lawn and Jay Hoggan stopped by to see if Wyatt wanted to go help him. Of course Wyatt went and grabbed his hat and rope and jumped in the pick-up. I went down a couple hours later with the other 2 and ended up at Grandma Hoggan's. They were cutting horses and then branding the baby calves. Wyatt was so stoked to see the roping!! He asked J-2 why they were cutting the horses stomachs. J-2 was very helpful and told him that they were just cutting their nuts off. Out of the mouths of babes :) So a little later when a bucking horse ran and broke through the fence Wyatt said "J-2, it's a rodeo!" J-2 said "It's not a rodeo", so Wyatt said "Well it's a nut rodeo". Pretty entertaining. Here are a few cool pics courtesy of my best bud Mindy Marie Hoggan. Isn't Wyatt a little ham!!


idahohubers said...

What a day! You have to check out

I read her blog everyday and today they were working their cattle. She's a L.A. girl living the ranch life. She has tons of fun stories mixed in with yummy recipies and loads of pictures of her kids on the ranch. A must see for any girl with a rope wielding, dirt under the nails husband!

Anonymous said...

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