Thursday, May 29, 2008


I'm tired of blogging without new pictures.
I'm tired of coughing all night instead of sleeping.
I'm tired of semi-nice weather, it's just teasing me.
I'm tired of crazy people that were never taught how to be nice.
I'm tired of laundry.
I'm tired of dirty little boys.
I'm tired of being tired.

How depressing am I???
Funny story now. The other day Cooper had on one of his John Deere Shirt on, the one that says "I make dirt look good". Anyway, I can't get him to take it off. I had it on for honestly 2 days straight ... I was pretty sick and didn't fight him to much. Finally I had to get it off of him, I can only stand so much neglect. Here's how the conversation went down.
Me: "Cooper, we have to take that shirt off"
Coop: "Why?"
Me: "It's dirty."
Coop: "I like it dirty."
Me: "Well it's getting pretty stinky."
Coop: "I REALLY like it stinky"
How can you fight that kind of logic? I let him keep it on and went and took 3 more tylenol.

FYI-I got it off him that night when I lured him into the bathtub, I can be pretty sneaky when I want to. :)

We branded calves yesterday, good times, good times. I'm nice and sunburnt now. My flowers are looking dandy, and my grass is getting greener by the day.
Ok, now I'm tired of blogging. Better head!!


geri said...

I have an opposite problem on my hands here in the Egbert household. My dirty little boy goes through a few shirts a day and only wears clothes once before putting them in the laundry.... I think I might be the one that likes my clothes a little dirty and maybe a little stinky--but only when I'm tired of laundry.

Alicia King said...

so very cute!

idahohubers said...

Annie I'm hooked on the laughs you provide me! Your little guy is adorable. I'm tired of a lot of stuff too and I am especially tired of how dirty my kids get in the summer, I completely forgot that nice weather brings dirty kids! Stinky ones too. I'm looking forward to when they bathe themselves :) I hope your cough goes away soon!

Bobbi said...

That's why I love boys! They are expected to get dirty and stinky and it's Okay! I have learned when it comes to what they want to's not worth the fight.

Audrey said...

This post is adorable! I have been known to do the two day shirt thing quite often... they can get away with it!

Ben & Rachael said...

hahaa!! oh coop!!