Monday, May 5, 2008

Problems ...

I can't find my dang thingee that transfers my pictures from my camera to my computer. What a drag. I don't have the heart to post without the happy pictures I've taken lately. So here is a rundown of some of the excitement at our house the last few weeks.

1. Done planting grain.
2. Moved the cows behind the lake (rather entertaining...I think the Mexicans thought they were bull-fighters, more on that later)
3. A new addition at the Tuckett household (named Shorty Tuckett)
4. Started planting potatoes.
5. Paisley's baby blessing.
6. Grass is greening up and my lilac is getting buds on it!!! YAY!!! Spring may be here FINALLY!
7. That's all for now I think :)

Hope you and yours are enjoying the sunshine --- I'm off to till the gardenspot up -- wish I knew how big to make it :)


Jake and Lauren said...

Annie! I missed your flashback Friday!! Oh, and I was bored yesterday so I went through some of your old posts and found one that had the story of the mom telling the kid about the mom test and I have to give a talk next week for mother's day and I just might use that!! Your posts have been so productive for me!!! :D Good luck with your garden...I think I'm gonna plant one on our balcony...jake needs his cherry tomatoes!

geri said...

Wyatt told me all about Shorty Tuckett...... and then he told me all about the big Hannah..... and then he saved a spot for me to eat by him on the little swing/chair thingee.... I knew we would be pals!