Monday, June 29, 2009

Catching up -

The last few weeks have been to much fun!! Gotta get ya'll caught up. June 15th Miss Maggie Marie turned 6 months old ~ where has time gone? She's rolling and singing and making the sweetest noises. It's funny how sweet and girly her little voice sounds. So different from my wild little men. The weekend before the 15th we went with Quin's family to Yellowstone. We stopped by in West (where Quin's sis Whitney is working) and then we went through the park. The boys loved it of course ... and Maggie traveled so well! We saw a bunch of wildlife, for a minute we thought that a dang buffalo was going to hit Rusty's car (lucky for us he was in front). We've also finished up the t-ball season. Our first soccer game is July 1st.

The 17th was Mr. Wyatt's 7th birthday. Here are some fun Wyatt Facts...
*he is the best worker boy -- he takes his gloves with him so he can help work and get dirty
*he is so sweet with Maggie - he's always so willing to help with her
*he'll be in 1st grade this year
*he is an OUTSTANDING athlete - he wants to play every sport and is is awesome at all of them
*he does his chores and take good care of Shorty (our mini). he is so dang cute riding him!
I love Wyatt so much and am so proud of him. It's been fun to see him grow up and turn into such a tough guy!!

Wyatt had soccer practice and a t-ball game on the night of his birthday, so lucky boy got everyone in the family to come watch him. He was in is element. He hates that they only let him run to 1st base, he's sure he should get a homerun every time. After the game we went to our house for cake and ice cream. Wyatt got some fun presents ... a cinch for his saddle and then Quin bought him a bb gun-I wa there, but it's Quin's project :). At least it's locked up unless the dad is home. Thanks for all the fam for coming!

We went camping in Kilgore last weekend ... SOOO much fun --- the boys were sure they were in heaven :) More about that to come!!


jason said...

So you found the shoes eh? whereabouts? were they misplaced or hidden? that is so funny!

So why do they make them stop at first base. I agree with wyatt... sounds like a scam.

jason said...

OH happy b-day buddy!

geri said...

happy birthday wyatt!
we think you're pretty awesome.