Wednesday, December 9, 2009

life in the fast lane

we are some happening people over here. we have been RUNNING and RUNNING from one thing to the next.
finished wrestling ... wyatt doesn't want to do it again until he's 8. i said ok. i don't think he realizes that will be next year when they start again :)
to celebrate the kids and i went with my bestie chrissy to her parents house in south jordan for the weekend. we just played and played!
the boys are working hard at school ... coop is a smart little man and wyatt is rocking the math thing. hyrum loves preschool, he is meticulous when it comes to his coloring and cutting. i am used to the other 2 that are always in to big a hurry to color in the lines, what a patient little fella. i planned the 1st grade thanksgiving party, now that was entertaining.
thanksgiving was awesome -- spent time at both families. we had quin home for 4 days straight (and yes maggie had withdrawls when he went back on monday). chrissy and i braved the black friday crowds, it was a 1st for both of us and we made it to toys r us by 3:30 AM! yes crazy, that's us!
then last weekend we had the 3rd annual hobley christmas shin-dig. this year we used mom and dads timeshare points (thanks guys) and stayed at a SWEET condo in west yellowstone. we took the snowmachines, but something about the -20 degree temps didn't sound appealing to me. the men are wild and went a few times. quin and adam bonded by staying up until 3 in the morning (3 nights in a row) playing the new mario bros game on our wii (yes, it rocks and brings back some awesome memories). the cousins LOVE each other!! it's so fun to have them play and hang out. we are still trying to get caught up on our sleep :) then when we got home on sun night quin headed straight down to salt lake to go to a cummins and hitachi school for work. yes he is having fun on his vacation (when is my turn, lol). he will be back on fri and then we are off to salt lake with bri and rusty (quin's bro). we are excited to show the boys the lights at temple sqaure, it's been a few years! then on tues the 15th my baby miss maggie turns 1 !!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!! i can not believe how quickly that happened. she is still nearly perfect. she is happy almost all of the time and loves her brothers and daddy so much! her favorite words are bubba and dad --- someday i'm sure mom will be in her vocab, i can be patient. i am excited for her birthday party, there will be an amazing cake and lots of fun i'm sure!

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Brianna Tuckett said...

I LOVE the invite!!! Where's mine? :) That picture of Maggie is ADORABLE!!! Can't wait to see the cake (guess I get to see it first cuz I have to pick it up! he he) and have fun with the fam!! VERY excited for this weekend! it sgould be a BLAST!!! Can't wait to see you guys! :)