Tuesday, December 15, 2009


The princess is officially one year old today!
I can't believe how quickly the time has flown by ~ Miss Maggie is truly a delight!
She is sweet and darling ... but I must say she has a little red-head temper :) Since the time that we brought her home from the hospital the boys (especially daddy) has been in love. They call her princess so much I'm worried that she will think that's her name, lol. She is moving and shaking and getting into everything (poor christmas tree) but she doesn't care about walking ~ but why would she when she shrieks and the boys come get her and move her into the other room. I have loved having this sweet little girls spirit in our home ~ she is so nearly perfect that it's almost scary! Happy Birthday my sweet Miss Maggie-girl!!


Adam,Emily, and Paisley said...

loves to our princess! happy birthday babe!

Hobley's said...

happy happy birthday maggie dear! i can't call you princss because i have two now: fancy and taytum...but you did look like a darling little princess tonight at your party (and your cake was the cutest cake i've ever seen)! we love you (and your family) little miss perfect!

Brianna Tuckett said...

Happy Birthday Maggie!! It's crazy to think that you are already one! What a blessing you are to everyone who knows you! It is sooo fun to have a girl in the family tree!! :)

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merlene said...

She is so precious, I love this picture. She was such a beautiful littlt angel Sun night. Love ya

Anonymous said...