Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Tuesdays Thoughts...

It's been busy around here! I've been painting like a wild woman, trying to get our new little house ready to live in. Can I just tell you how entertaing it is to try and paint with 3 children. Quite the challenge. So now I've decided to finish when I can find someone to watch the rascals. I think I'll love being out there again. At least I hope I will. I've been making lists of all the perks. There are actually quite a few :).

I'll try to make things a little more interesting be telling you the top ten most interesting facts about me :)

*1. When I was younger (like 10 or so) whenever I cooked something I used to pretend that I was actually on a cooking show. I had a funny voice & everything. I loved to put the ingredients in without measuring. I'd say crazy things like "just a pinch of that" or "just until you see the mixture start to thicken up".

*2. I love smelly things ~ good smelly things mind you. I already plugged in vanilla in the new house. I love to put on perfume. I even put it on when I go to sleep at night just so I can smell it on my wrists.

*3. I wish that I could speak Spanish. Random, but I just think it would be cool. Then I would talk to my dad and no one else would understand.

*4. My mom is one of my best friends. I could live without talking to a lot of people, but she is not one of them. She cracks me up, I love that she is such a good person. I love making her laugh.

*5. I want to write a book someday. I actually have a couple that I've started ... someday I guess.

*6. I love to shoot my 22 ~ I never knew that I'd enjoying shooting a gun, but for some reason it really does it for me.

*7. My dad used to make up hilarious songs for us when we were little "hey little baby is your daddy home" and now I do the same crazy thing for my kids. My dad is so funny!!

*8. I'm addicted to family history. My dream house would have a whole room just for me to organize and take care of our family stories. I love that I knew my great-grandparents so well, what a blessing.

*9. I'd like to be that girls camp leader someday. I had so much fun at girls camp when I was younger. I lived in a few different wards and loved doing different things.

*10. I love my brothers and sisters. I think that I may have the greatest siblings around. And lucky for me they've married some awesome people. I love growing up and seeing them do so well. My baby Sara is 16 now. I remember her coming home for the hospital and I fell in love. Emily is the sweetest, my kind person I know. Samuel is a good boy ~ he is so successful and he's someone that had a dream and actually got it to come true! Benjamin is such a hard worker, he can do anything that he wants to. How lucky am I to have such great people so close to me!

THE END!!!!!!

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