Thursday, February 7, 2008

Snow day!

Today was ANOTHER blessed snow day. I love that it ticks Wyatt off to have to stay home, I'm starting to wonder what they do in kindergarten that makes it so amusing. Maybe it's just that if I make him stay him he has to take the garbage out and share his rc 4-wheeler with his brothers. I just love snow days ~ even though I'm not in school it really just floats my boat to know that the kids are out. For most of the day it looked like this

Just imagine more drifts and less blue sky.
Yuck -- that canceled my house painting plans in Mud Lake, I was NOT wanting to get stuck out there. No offense Mud-People, I just really like my bed.
When it finally cleared up some (about 3:30) the boys and I went outside. This is what I wanted to be doing -- instead I used my dad's little honda to pull Wyatt around in the sled, still entertaining, he loves to jump drifts. Coop & Hy kept on saying "faster mama".
Then we came inside. I wish that we had this ... I love fireplaces. Someday my friends, someday.
At least we really did have this. I heart chocolate mint truffle. If you love me you'll buy me some. That's what I told self last night at Wal-Mart. "Self" I said, "If you love me you'll be me this coca". Turns out I love myself pretty much. I bought the big can. Oh well, it looks like we'll need all the hot coca we can get around here. I think there's a trampoline somewhere out in my yard, there's just to much snow to see it now.

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