Monday, February 18, 2008

Flashback Friday (on Monday) :)

Yes, I'm slacking off ... I just had a wild Friday (Shay & Shane wedding) had to decorate and make it beautiful (which it was!!!) and then went off to the cabin with my while fam-damily this weekend. WAY FUN!!! But more on that later, we have a flashback to get to.

There you go ~ I thought since it was just Valentine's Day that I should flashback to a picture of me and my sweetheart!! Quin is such a great guy! A workaholic sometimes, but he is so dang smart. He loves to fix everything and loves farming. I love being outside with him and hanging out watching Friends (I've got him hooked now). Our boys are so lucky to have such a great example for a dad!! Love you babe!

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