Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Day in the Life...

Today has been as entertaining as all the others.
Wyatt came into my room at 7 to wake me up -- we hauled a tractor whom and didn't get home last night until almost 12am so I was one tired mama. Anyway, Wy comes in and tells me "Mom, my belly's hungry". I said "So eat something" -- in my defense I sometimes talk in my sleep. So Wyatt minds me for about the 2nd time of his life. I come out at 7:20 and he's eating a dang enchilada. He helped me make them last night for dinner and then we left before we got to eat them, so of course they made the perfect breakfast food in his 5 year old mind. A little gross to me, but it may have just been my morning breath. The Coop wakes up and wants "ladas" so we all ate cold enchiladas for breakfast. (yuck, I don't recommend it)
Then Quin calls and says that I need to run to Case. I got to chose if I went to IF or Rexburg. I had to take kiddos, so I voted to Rexburg -- easy in and out. Wyatt ended up going to pick rock with Quin so I took Cooper & Hy. Quin told them that since they had to go with me (what is that a punishment) they could pick out a new tractor at Case. We get there, I get the part and then we have to decide what tractor we need. Coop said he "needed" them all. Hy wanted a big backhoe. AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Most kids throw fits in grocery stores, my little weirdos throw fits in equipment stores. Needless to say we ended up leaving with a new swather with 2 heads (for Cooper) and a new tractor and grain drill (for Hyrum).
Now I'm making lunch while the little boys are outside swathing and drilling in the dirt that is my front walkway. Then we are off to Hamer to take oil & lunch & pops.
Wish me luck, I really need a nap!


Brad & Jessica said...

ahhhh... the day in the life of a farmer's wife :D That's funny about the breakfast.... I remember eating cold McD hamburgers when they were so cheap, gross my mom out but we thought they were great! :D Hope today is a little easier on ya!

idahohubers said...

What an interesting day! I have no idea what a swather is. . . need more Idaho livin' I guess. Maybe I'll google it. Got your note about pics at the rodeo grounds...sounds FUN, I'm game. And I think it would be fun to have a play day with all the kiddos this summer! I still need to email you, I haven't forgotten :)