Friday, April 11, 2008

I WISH I could wear a "kini"

So I've lost some weight that last year. Not enough to be satisfied but enough that people notice. At least that's what they say. In fact 2 Sundays ago my skirt kept on falling off, mom said "Annie, you're not as fat as you think you are." Anyway ... today that all changed.

Wyatt came inside from roping outside (finally a nice day - yipee) and we had the following conversation.

"Mom, you should really lose some weight" --

"Why?" I said, I was waiting for a really illogical reason, one not even pertaining to my actual weight.

"Cause then you can wear a kini" --

Oh my gosh, my 5 year old knows what a bikini is. We are in for trouble. So my quick thinking chimes in and I say, "Jesus doesn't want us to wear bikinis". Yes I played the Jesus card, that always works lately, they don't even question it. Parents they question and doubt, Jesus they don't.

Then Wy says "So Jesus wants you fat?" this whole converstation is not going as planned.

"Yes Wyatt, Jesus wants me fat."

Then just like that it was over, and he went back outside to go play with the little brothers. Sometimes being a mom requires quicker thinking than I'm capable of with a nasty kidney infection. Do you think I'll be struck by lightining? I think we'll just say an extra prayer at family prayer time tonight. ***sigh***


Lisa Huber said...

Funny, funny, funny. Don't ya love kids! Yes, I too would like to be able to wear a "kini". But alas, it has never been in my jeans to do such a thing. You are gorgeous by the way!

Becky said...

Logan & I read that story together - hilarious!!! I love your boys!

jason said...

I think I just became a blogaholic, between your stories about your cuter than cute boys and Becky's stories I don't think I need to leave the house anymore. I'm still laughing.

Kent and Becca said...

K that was so funny I had to read it to Kent and I nearly laughed until I peeped my pants. Kids say the funniest things and THAT was great. Thanks for sharing.