Friday, April 4, 2008

I'M BACK!!!!!

Cooper's John Deere birthday party ... LOTS OF FUN, & LOTS OF GREEN!! :)

Can you believe that I'm back online!!

We moved to Mud Lake and I FINALLY have the internet :) The boys are in love, we've been calving like crazy for the last month or so, that's finally starting to slow down. It's been awesome to be here and work outside with the boys and Quin a little bit. We've been working on cleaning up the yard, and I've painted the whole inside. The house is pretty tight, but they say that love goes best in little houses :) I just have to remember that this isn't forever I guess.

Can't wait to keep in touch with everyone again!!

Oh yeah, my little sis Emily and her sweet husband Adam had their baby, a little girl named Paisley Rae. I'll get pics on soon!

Love to all!!! Annie


Brad & Jessica said...

yeah you're back! :) cute cake for Cooper's b-day... lots of work. what a mom ;) welcome back

Audrey said...

Welcome back Annie! That is great that the boys are loving it out there. Did ya sell your house here in Rigby?