Tuesday, March 17, 2009

And you thought you'd gotten rid of me!

Not so my friends, not so.

So the Tuckett household officially has joined the ranks of those lucky enough to have the internet in their home. Oh happy day! There has been so many fun (and funny) things going on lately, I'm not even sure where to begin.

Miss Maggie turned 3 months old on Sun. HOW THE HECK DID THAT HAPPEN SO FAST? I was pregnant and sick for like 3 years with her and now she's shooting up like a weed. She's long and skinny with the prettiest hands. She is really the sweetest baby! She sleeps through everything her big brothers can dish out and always wakes up smiling when her daddy gets home. Talk about smitten, I keep on teasing Quin about his "Maggie voice", but it really is sweet. Wyatt is working hard in kindergarten, Cooper is getting ready to go to school next year, and Hyrum wants to play t-ball with the brothers this year. Poor guy, wants to be big already. We just signed up both of the bigger boys up for t-ball and soccer, I think I'm in for a long decade (or so) of team sports from now on. We better get Maggie a cute cheerleader outfit -- she's going to watching a lot of games in her life. The tulips and irises have started to break through the dirt and the snow is melting off my lawn (SLOWLY -- LOT OF MUD) I'm so excited to get outside and plant flowers and a garden! Quin's job is so great! He's doing so good at it, and he loves it (huge bonus!)

Now for an entertaining tidbit from our own Cooper James.

Last weekend we were coming home from Mud Lake after visiting Quin's mom. When we were coming up out of the valley we hit a jack rabbit (huge surprise) The boys about gave Quin a standing ovation. Then a little bit later Coop starts crying. I was so suprised that he was so sensitive about it. This is the child that wants to raise a 4H pig like Wyatt so that he can butcher it and eat it (Wyatt wants to for the money). So the next morning when the dad was at work I asked Cooper why he cried (I thought, I finally have a sensitive son). He then proceeds to tell me that he cried because he was scared that the jack rabbits antlers where going to pop our tire on the way home. WHAT? "Why do you think that they have antlers" - "I saw a picture of them in the Indian store when I went with dad" - again WHAT? It took a little bit of talking until I realized he saw a picture of a jackalope at the Fort Hall Reservation truck stop with Quin when we were still hauling hay to Jerome (over a year ago). Little monkey remembered that, and is still convinced that jack rabbits all have antlers. What a nerd!

Watch out for those crazy roamin' jackalopes! :) love, Annie & the family


jason said...

I for one am pumped that you're back! I don't know how I survived without those funny stories! I love em.

jason said...
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jason said...

I pushed submit twice....oops.

Brianna and Rusty Tuckett said...

I know I hear all the sotries first hand, but it's still fun to see your blog and hear the stories again :)