Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Maggie, Paisley, & a little Quin.

Really, has it been a week since I last wrote? Mmmmm, I'm slacking. Maggie's been super sick -- pnemonia, rsv crap. Pretty scary, the breathing thing always is the thing that scares me the most (could be that Hyrum tried to die on us so many times when he was a little guy). She's doing a little better, even slept 4 hours straight on Sun. night (oh happy day!!!!). This picture of her cracks me up because she is ALWAYS smiling, but I put her in the little bumbo seat by herself and she looked slightly offended :) She is so much fun!!

We've got to spend a bunch of time with Miss Paisley Rae Summers the last few weeks -- the boys adore her and its fun to see how much she loves them! She is smitten with Maggie, she wants to be right by her, it's so fun to have cousins finally!! Ben & Rach find out what color they're having next week and I'm so excited for a new little one again ~ Here's Paiz in a hat that we found her last weekend when Em, Sara, & I went shopping. She's is such a little diva!

I have to give a shoutout to my ever impressive hubby. Quin is SOOOO busy at work the last little while (79 hours last week alone). He leaves early and gets home late, but it's so great to have a job right now that I can't complain. He is always willing to work and work, he really loves it. He'd rather be farming and working cows (we all would -- we've missed calving this year AWFUL) but he gives 110% where ever he's at -- what a great guy! Can't wait to see him next Sunday :)


Brianna and Rusty Tuckett said...

That hat on Paisley is ADORABLE!! I totally agree with you that our husbands are workaholics, but like you said it's good to have work. Gotta love 'em :)

geri said...

oh no. i hope Maggie gets better quickly! that's enough to scare a little mamma.

(and paisley looks so diva-licious in the hat! so cute!!)
(p.s. i LOVE tulips. tell Cooper to keep up the good work.)

Hobley said...

yes i love paisley's hat, and that look maggie is giving you in that chair does look like a slightly offended look. i wasn't quite sure what it was at first, but that's definitely it! i'm happy quin has a job too, but if i had to work that many hours, i'd probably sit down and cry in the middle of the work place!

Alicia said...

wow sitting up in her Bumbo already!? and that hat is so cute, I want one for Gulianna!!

Susan said...

Love that hat!! And I love that Maggie's shirt says Moody- like her expression. Ha!