Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The latest

Last week rocked at our house. It was beautiful outside and we played with friends almost everyday! Then on Sat. Quin got home about noon and I had a good couple hours worth of manual labor that I got out of all my boys :) Then he had to play with them. They love playing with their daddy -- there is nothing sweeter than watching a dad play with his boys. Quin is also so in love with Maggie that it's almost ridiculous. She's been sick the last couple of weeks ... her cough just keeps getting worse and everyday he tells me that I need to take her back to the doctor, that they have to do something to fix her (that's the mechanic in him...just fix it). His "Maggie voice" cracks me up! Our Pretty Paisley girl turned 1 on Sunday -- how'd that happen so fast? I guess Miss Maggie is 3 months already ... fun stuff! After a GORGEOUS weekend we woke up yesterday morning to a white lawn ... Coop checks the tulips everyday to see how they are growing (we grow John Deere & Case ones you know) and his lawn was covered, he was out in his mud boots shoveling off the skiff with his snow shovel. He got done just about the time the rest started to melt off. Oh well, he had a good workout anyway.

Here is Maggie Marie at 3 months ... she's sweet as can be even though she's sick. Whenever I cover her little face with the facemask during her breathing treatments she just smiles and coos :) We are so lucky to have her!

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