Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Ok, so here's a little sunshine for all you out there in the blizzard (ok, maybe that's just around here). I thought I'd answer some questions and then tag a few lucky compadres of mine :)

Significant Spouse Fact: doesn't that sound so technical ;)

What is his name? Quin (quintaro, quin-bob, babe)

How long have you been married? 6 years

Who long did you date? off & on for a year and then he went to Alabama on his mission, but we were back together as soon as he got home.

How old is he? 26 (27 in March and then he's older than me again)

Who eats more sweets? Chocolate, me - ice cream or cookies, him

Who said I love you first? him

Who is taller? him, but just barely ~ I'm taller when I wear my rockin hooker boots

Who can sing better? Me, unless it's International Harvester, then he rocks out :)

Who is smarter? At mechanical things him, with creative things, me ~ we are a good combination I think.

Who does the laundry? Me

Who pays the bills? Me -- I think we could share that a little more!

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? him, the left is closer to the door ~ and I'm nicer at night, just ask the boys.

Who mows the lawn? Me, somehow farmers think that they have enough to do.

Who cooks dinner? Me ~ I think he's warmed up his own chili though.

Who drives? Him, unless he's been in the truck, and then he's to dang slow, so I do.

Who is more stubborn? TIE ~ we both have the oldest child syndrome

Who kissed who first? I knew he wanted to, I just helped him out a little (te,he)

Who asked who out first? He called and asked me if I wanted to go get parts for his pick-up with him.

Who proposed? He did, it was in Island Park right by a valley full of bluebells, so beautiful!!

Who has more siblings? me - 4, him 3

Who wears the pants? we each have one leg in ;)

Ok ~ I tag Hayley, Audrey, Jessica, and Jessica :) Can't wait to hear about your significant other!!


Jessica said...

So seriously, I tried your blog before and it never worked for me. I'm glad I found it. It's been fun to scan through it and see your fun family. I can't believe you tagged me - this stinks!

Audrey said...

Fun to read all about you and your lovuh! I see that you tagged me... as soon as I have more than 5 minutes to myself (with out a 2 and a 4 year old climbing ALL over me while on the computer, I promise to do as I'm told!
I also read that you are moving back out to MUD?!? I bet you have a lot of mixed emotions right now! It sure makes it easier though that your hub is pretty excited about this change!
Sad to leave your house but fun to decor another one!!