Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Gittin' Jiggy Wit It

Ever notice how so many song titles would make excellent blog titles. Well they would, so my posts for the rest of the month will all be song titles.

We've been busy people here at the Tuckett Spread.We've been working like crazy on the house now that it's FINALLY spring :) We planted the garden. (Purple and red potatoes, peas, carrots, corn, sunflowers, and pumpkins) Adopted 2 more kitties -- (piglet & ruby, they are darling!!)

I painted the front door red & then put chocolate brown vinyl letters on that say welcome. (Am I as cool as you yet Emily? ok, I know I'm not even close)
Then Quin replaced the trim on the house that blew off in the breezes that we've had lately. Then he painted it white (I love having him home for a few hours, he's so handy!)The pink primer made me a wee bit nervous!

Planted some flowers and had Quin build a stand on one of my old doors and then I hung flower baskets on it and planted those. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! I love flowers!
We've been enjoying the weather and all that brings -- tulips, friends, sunshine, brotherly love, and cousinly love :)

Maggie's first little piggy! Paiz and Maggie have matching bracelets (thanks aunt em). They are the cutest little cousins!! Paisley is calling Maggie "Sis or Sissy".

Wyatt had track & field day, this is him and his buddy from school Jett.

On the way to school that morning Coop was singing a song out loud and Wyatt said "Coop BE QUIET! I have to concentrate, we are having a really big tug of war and I've got to be tough". Pretty funny.
Miss Maggie Marie turned 5 MONTHS OLD!!! HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE!! She is growing more everyday and is so much fun ~ what a happy, smiley baby!! She loves her daddy and her brothers and wants to roll over SOOO bad :)

Hope your Weekend is as FABULOUS as ours is going to be ... tell you about it next week! Love you all!


Adam,Emily, and Paisley said...

annie you are so very talented... and those pictures of your flowers look fab, but they look even better in person! p.s. I must say your welcome looks almost as cute as mine on my sweet little house... now if only I could find my camera cored I could put some blasted pictures up!

Brianna and Rusty Tuckett said...

I love he new improvements to the house!!! The flowers look awesome! I gotta find me an old door! :) The last picture of Maggie smiling is absolutely adorable!!! After my birthday this weekend, you and I need to go flower shopping! You rock at flowers Annie and I LOVE your door! What a sweet idea!!! :)I need to come visit now :)