Friday, May 22, 2009

Brianna's Turn...

Bri and Rusty's pick-up ... lookin like she owned it, even before she did :)
(Bri & Rusty's wedding in Arizona)

I think that May is the month for family birthdays!

Have to give a shout-out to my sis-in-law Bri Tuckett (Rusty's wife). Her and I have been through a lot together. Business deals, trucking, missing husbands, baling, road trips, crazy in-laws, broken noses :), projects that take AT LEAST 2 times as long as the boys say they will ... and much, much more!! It's fun to have your husband's best friend be someone that you like to hang out with. Quin's best friend really is his little (but bigger) brother Rusty. They can talk and talk everytime they get together. They never run out of things to say. Their mom said that when they were little they would even talk to each other in their sleep. And that is saying a lot since neither one of them is very social with other people. I guess they just understand each other. So I'm SOOOO glad that Rusty married someone that I can talk to and do things with since everytime that we get together the boys go into their own little world :) She's a 5th grade teacher in Mud Lake and we've missed having them move out there. My boys love her (although maybe not as much as they love Uncle). I know that she'll be an amazing mom someday soon -- she is so cute with Maggie! So Bri -- thanks for all the talks and your friendship, hope your birthday is FANTASTIC!!! Hope Rusty gets you almost all the flowers that you want (but not all so that we can go shopping for some more!!!) Love ya!!!(Our last road-trip to Twin Falls)One of our 4-wheeler trips ... those were the days :)

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Brianna and Rusty Tuckett said...

Thank you soooo mcuh Annie!!! I didn't know whether to smile big or cry! I did have a GREAT birthday, but I think we all need to get together now that everyone is around and have a REAL party, complete with carne asada and a pinata (hopefully Cooper can stay accident free this time!) Anyway, thanks again and yes, we do need to go flower shopping :)