Friday, May 8, 2009

Look mom, another post

Yes, yes, I am the queen of cool. I'm writing another post.

What? Blogging again today doesn't make me cool. Geez, I thought it did. My bad.

Really, I'm just awake -- Wyatt's at school and the other 3 are still sleeping. I've been feeling pretty cruddy the last few days. Just your run of the mill I can't breathe or lay down because snot runs down my throat and then I gag on it kind of stuff. So instead of sleeping like I want to be, I'm sitting upright in the office blog surfing aka blurfing :) now that's a fun word. Come on Rach, you are slacking in the blog department -- it's not like you're pregnant and working. Oh wait, yes you are :) I miss your stories though! I'm tired of this runny nose and stuffed up head crud. If I wasn't cheif baby feeder maybe I could take something more potent than a tylenol. What I wouldn't give to have the children all gone and be able to take 2 TBSP on Nyquil and just SLEEP for 12 straight hours. Ahhhh, bliss. But alas, I took tylenol an hour ago and I still feel yucky. What? Tylenol won't actually make my sinuses quit draining. Blast! I guess I'll go drink so more water and hope for the best.

Quin left last Sun. but never fear he is coming home LATE tonight --- we have to pick him up at the airport at 11:30 pm. Oh happy day! Not that I'll get to sleep anymore but there will be an actual adult that I can complain to living here in the house :) (I'm really only kinda kidding)

Ok, the princess has awakened and seems to want me. I am such a hot commodity around here.

Peace out.

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geri said...

i was eating my oatmeal when i happened upon the snot sentence.


feel betta!!