Wednesday, May 6, 2009

"Poor crippled calf" and other stories from the Tuckett Home

Hey all!! Quin has been gone this whole week to schooling in Reno -- so I have plenty of time tonight to finally do a rocking post! Be prepared for stellar pictures, moving stories, and laughter. Tonight Miss Maggie got her first trial run with cereal. She LOVED it!! I'm not sure if I'm ready for her to be old enough to eat cereal and roll over (which she almost is) but time keeps on a-marching whether I want it to or not!Mmmmm -- good stuff!! Look at those eyes ~ she was SOOO excited for the cereal -- it cracked me up, I think she ate even better than any of the boys did at first ~ she is so sweet and mellow that when she gets anxious it is so cute!!

While it was warm for a few days a couple of weeks ago --- you know that short time when the wind didn't blow and there was no rain ... Paisley came and played and we had so much fun! Please don't ever tell Coop & Hyrum that dandelions aren't really flowers, they pick them for me and all the girls around all the time. When Paiz came they picked them for her and then I braided it into a crown ~ Hyrum said she looked like a queen. :)

I love this one of her ... and the next one is too sweet -- she gets so excited to come over, the boys adore her and she worships them!

Later that day we went to Grammy Monica's house and the boys played with Paisley --- she kept on jumping in the little car, she thought she should be driving, it cracked them up!

Maggie had enough sun that day --- I pulled weeds, planted shrubs, and worked on my flower beds ~ I'll take a picture and show you my new love tomorrow. Here's Miss Maggie pooped after a day gardening with Mama. Poor girl, looks like I overworked her ;)

Now I have to add this one of Cooper from a week and a half ago -- we woke up to go to church on Sunday and we were greeted by SNOW!! It snowed all morning and didn't let up when we got ready to go so he figured that he better wear his hat ~ I love that he has a tan little face with his winter hat on!

Em cut and colored my hair for summer --- I love it!! It's pretty blonde ~ but they do have more fun you know!! Here's a pic of me and my man Hyrum at Grammy's school waiting for her class play to start. (I better put some pics of Wyatt in my next post -- he's my main helper while his dad is away!)

Things are moving along even with Quin gone so much --- I haven't bought a pygmy goat yet, but I haven't ruled it out yet either. So here is my crippled calf story. I was driving from Rigby to Rexburg and I passed fields of baby calves out running and jumping and playing. The only thing I love more than a baby pygmy goat (and baby lambs) are baby calves enjoying the sunshine. Out in the middle of the field I see a tiny little calf--it has the LITTLEST little legs ever, like it must've been part midget or something. I felt awful, it couldn't run and play -- it was just standing there. (sniff*sniff) Just when my heart was breaking and I was worried about how well he would survive (the thought crossed my mind I should figure out who's it was and take it home and bottle feed him and take care of him) anyway.... I was so worried and then he climbed out of the ditch he was standing in. That is when I realized I may be a wee bit sleep deprived. Maybe I'll get a nap when Quin gets home! Love you all!!


Janae and Matt said...

Hi Annie! I found your blog off of Kristie Scott's. Your blog is so cute! And so are your kids!

The calf story is hilarious! I needed a good laugh.

Janae Yearsley

Brianna and Rusty Tuckett said...

That is too funny Annie! That totally sounds like something I would do too!! :)

Hobley said...

HAHA! I was feeling a bit sad for that calf for a minute!